I am a learner - How do I edit a wab page?

  curly 17:18 03 May 2006

I have just inherited our Church web page and been asked to keep it up to date.

I would appreciate any advice on how to do this - preferable at minimum cost. It is a small site.

  ade.h 17:50 03 May 2006

If you're quick, pop down to a news agent and buy a copy of PC Pro (CD or DVD, doesn't matter) which has a full copy of NOF 8 again this month. You can't get cheaper than £3.99 for £150 worth of semi-professional standard software. It is quite easy to use; in fact, very easy once you get acclimatised to it. I might also recommend the open-source Nvu (pronounced enview) which is very capable, but perhaps not as simple for newbies like yourself. I certainly feel more at home with NOF.

  mco 18:02 03 May 2006

What is the webpage written in already? (Assuming it already exists and you're taking it over) Do you intend to start again and redo it to your own design/style? - in which case I'd agree with adeh - or are you just thinking of adding updates to whatever program it's written with?

  curly 18:30 03 May 2006

Thanks ade.h. I do not know know in what form it is written. Certainly, for the indefinite future, all I intend to do is revise the notices and sometimes the detail.

  curly 18:32 03 May 2006

Sorry. The last message was intended for mco!

  mco 18:56 03 May 2006

can you post a link to the current site curly?

  curly 19:00 03 May 2006
  curly 19:29 03 May 2006

Hello MCO. Did you notice my link in the message above?

  ade.h 19:33 03 May 2006

If you only want to make a few changes, try to do so via an HTML editor or Nvu, because NOF is not very efficient at importing sites. It leaves a lot of cleaning up to do to the imported version and can sometimes not work at all. I usually prefer to do a ground up rework when dealing with an existing site.

  curly 19:41 03 May 2006

Thank you ade.h. Which programme would you recommend?

  PurplePenny 19:52 03 May 2006

That link gave me an error message but adding index.htm got me in to the site.

Looks as though it was written in Dreamweaver. As ade.h says you could get yourself Nvu which is free:
click here

Once you've got yourself some software come back and let us know and one of us will walk you through the process of importing the site into whichever software you choose.

At some stage in the future, once you are confident with using the software, it would be a good idea to undertake a total rework because the present site uses frames which is now considered a Bad Thing in web design.

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