I am considering buying a PC from Net High Street

  Piggy,Piggy 15:07 18 Feb 2003

I am considering buying a Pc from click here, it is a 2GHZ P4, 512mb of PC 2700 RAM, 60GB 5400rpm Hard Drive,128mb GF4 Ti4800, CDRW + DVD, Creative 5.1 speakers with a 12 months collect and return - parts and labour warranty for £887.13 inc. VAT. Is this a good bargain and and has anybody had any really bad problems with this company before.

  MAJ 15:29 18 Feb 2003

It's not a great warranty, is it?

  Patr100 15:54 18 Feb 2003

They did have what looked like a very good value reviewed system for £699 + vat in PCW magazine a few months ago - unfortunately they were unable to supply with the demand so the Best Buy award was revoked by the magazine. I haven't seen any particular poor comments although your choice doesn't represent particularly good value in my opinion.For example, The hard disk is slow at 5400RPM whereas you should look for 7200RPM these days if possible.
Monitor included or not?

  woodchip 15:58 18 Feb 2003

Price seem's good but it's your money, if you do not have much experience with comps you would be better dealing with someone that will still be operating in the next 6 months

  woodchip 16:03 18 Feb 2003

PS you need to have a look at buying advice in magazines use a credit card for extra protection also try for 6 months Interest Free credit even if you intend paying up front but I would be inclined to go for a company like these click here

  Legolas 16:27 18 Feb 2003

You don't say what the monitor is but I don't think it is great specs for the money and as has already been said the warranty is poor try here click here I bought a system from them 3 years ago very good, 5 year warranty. You can specify what components you want,try it against the specs for your system and see if it is cheaper.

  ellas 16:56 18 Feb 2003

I bought a computer from them about 4 months ago,cannot comment on there afterservice as the computer has ran like a dream.

  shifty 17:22 18 Feb 2003

Recently received my computer from them and I must say I am well impressed. Ordered the Evo system with 2.4GHz without a monitor as I found a better monitor cheaper. A good thing is you can change the spec on your chosen system including removing or down grading items. Had a look at multi vision etc and found I hadn't got much choice in the spec department. My colleagues are so impressed with the build and operation of my new system they have purchased there own. Say no more. Well impressed with the supply and delivery as well, ordered and received within the seven working days specified, and it came with the system operating disc.

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