I am confused !!! Please Someone Help ME!!!

  HyeThug56 08:19 05 Apr 2004

Ok, here are my problems :

First: whats the difference between a DDR 512MB 184PIN PC2100 and DDR 512MB 184PIN PC3200? Which one should I buy?

Second: My computer is extremely loud. What can i do to reduce the noise? can anyone tell me what's the best silent CPU cooler out there for a good price? What should i replace(case fan, power supply??)

Please someone help me!!!

  Stuartli 08:37 05 Apr 2004

The data transfer rate of the PC3200 will be much faster - if I remember correctly you should be able to use either, but buying the PC3200 will be of longer term value; it should work at PC2100 speed unless your system supports it.

There are a number of "quiet" fans available but first make sure that your present fans have a good case air flow passage and that they have been installed the correct way; most fans are marked as to the direction of the air flow.

The better the quality of the fans (ball bearing types are superior) the more quiet they are in operation.

  Stuartli 08:38 05 Apr 2004

This data sheet may help:

click here

  Cesar 09:39 05 Apr 2004

In future please post a proper thread as your post is likely to be overlooked.

  carper 11:20 05 Apr 2004

If you put your details on the Crucial web site it will give you the precise match for yourt machine.

  TomJerry 11:31 05 Apr 2004

Although you closed this as resolved, but I still post this for your reference, you can get everything for quiet down you pc in quietpc click here. I also hate pc noise myself. PCworld is selling a PC quiet kit which including a quiet PSU and two quiet case fans.

But the way, look warrenty first because you do any modification. Most warrenty may not allow you do any modification, especially change cpu cooling.

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