I AM the administrator!!!!!!

  mikegm7 03:24 15 Feb 2006

I recently followed a guide to networking two pc's. Laptop downstairs with desktop upstairs. I thought I cracked it untill I clicked on an icon of the 'other' machine only to be told 'not possible, I am not the administrator. I checked the accounts, but I am. On both machines! Why can't I access this folder? Using netgear wireless router with win xp (sp1)

  mgmcc 12:42 15 Feb 2006

Have you set at least one folder as "shared" in each PC?

Have you configured any firewall software to allow access to the networked PCs?

If you are using XP *Pro*, are you logging in to the "client" PC with a Username/Password that matches exactly that of an Account in the "host" PC? For more details on this click here

  mikegm7 14:17 15 Feb 2006

An interesting link to more info...thanks for that

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