HyperOS second report

  flecc 15:14 24 Jan 2003

This is the link to the first HyperOS posting:-

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Have just opened a Hyperdrive RAM drive for Internet access and is it fast! The ads exaggerate of course when they say it's like broadband, but the load and reload times are lightning, double-kick rather than double-click. This is the way to surf with a modem for sure.

I've created five of my stripped systems so far, SPEEDNET on FAT16 Hyperdrive, SPEEDNET on FAT32, SPEEDPHOT, SPEEDVID and SPEEDOFF. (All right, all right, you know what I mean, you Speedoff too if you're going to be like that!). Of course Partition Magic was able to convert the FAT32 partition to FAT16 without my having to duplicate the creation job.

Indeed it was only one base creation job, from which the others are being built. The Windows folder on each is currently 136 mb but with this degree of narrow application specialisation it will probably end up below 90 mb, That, coupled with almost 3 gb of processor and the PC2700 DDR RAM makes things take off anyway.

It's currently 512 mb of RAM but the Hyperdrive tells me it would like a scrap more, it seems the Radeon 9700 is a greedy beast despite it's own 128 mb of 540 mHz clocked DRR RAM, so I'll probably chuck in another 256 mb. HyperOS lets Windows 9x manage that OK, 1 gb with 732 mb made available in fact, just so long as the system is installed before the memory is put in.

I've still miserably failed to get XP in there, it's being it's usual stroppy self, but it's about to get beaten into submission so I'll be reporting further on that. Meanwhile I'm becoming increasingly impressed with HyperOS, it's beautifully produced software and this little company deserve to succeed.

  Djohn 15:23 24 Jan 2003

Sounds absolutely outstanding!..

  TOPCAT® 15:30 24 Jan 2003

I hope you've got those machines bolted down to a bench, 'cos they're very likely to take off ere long!

Keep up the good work flecc, and more power to your elbow! TC.

  zanwalk 16:32 24 Jan 2003

Very interesting, you should soon be able to tell us what next weeks winning lottery numbers are!

  TOPCAT® 18:11 24 Jan 2003

Refreshing for flecc.

  flecc 23:14 24 Jan 2003

Just spent the evening putting it back together after XP tried to destroy the lot. There are times when I despise that OS with a hatred that has such frightening intensity that the neighbour's cat hides under an armchair!

How such unfriendly software found it's way to the marketplace is difficult to believe. Despite it's best (worst) effort it couldn't in fact wipe the systems although it destroyed the backups. Easily replaced though but time consuming. I'll try once more with it over the weekend, but it simply doesn't want to copy as it should do even though HyperOS is performing impeccably.

  flecc 23:54 24 Jan 2003

This mode really is quite sensational at times. Not just fast online, but when connecting through my 100 base network to the second computer it opens that computer's folders at amazing speed.

A folder with half a gigabyte of program exes flashes open with the exe icons resolving instantly, there really is no hanging around. Quite how it does this in anbother computer isn't clear, but as far as I can see it's purely that it uses all the resources to the limit.

Certainly that's the case with the hard drive performance where the read/write is at the sustain limit.

  woodchip 23:57 24 Jan 2003

I'm thinking hard and looking at the ££££

  woodchip 23:58 24 Jan 2003

Did you get the Hyperdrive at £150

  woodchip 23:59 24 Jan 2003

PS how much ram

  flecc 00:23 25 Jan 2003

The VAT was extra which made it £175 fom Simply, and that's the R4 version, 10 systems and hyperdrive. I've got 512 mb of DDR but for the Hypwerdrive a bit more would be good.

However, reducing the size of the systems reduces that need. I'm running Netscape and Opera on the net system and taking off one of those would perhaps be better, although I don't have Java on it at the moment. I'll probably have another partition with java 2 on it as well.

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