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  flecc 20:11 22 Jan 2003
  flecc 20:11 22 Jan 2003

There's been huge interest in this program but no takers to date, not surprising given the price, so I thought it about time someone tried and have volunteered to be the victim! I'ver bought version R4, ten mixed Windows and RAM hyperdrive, and the price in the ads doesn't include VAT by the way. This is just to tell you that the trial has started but it will be three of four weeks before I have a useful feedback.

At the moment I've installed the program and created three alternative C systems based upon 98SE. The program boots from C always and the Windows boot speed is locked to that size as usual. It's therefore best to use only a default installation without drivers, this isn't a working system but just the "starter motor" to access the system proper.

Early findings have exposed what is hype and what is true in some areas. On the smallest boot system where I used 98Lite to get rid of much of Windows as well as having no drivers, the system is 233 mb. The Windows reboot time and the HyperOS reboot time are identical at 60 seconds, very quick but not advantageous to HyperOS.

However, I fully agree with their contentions regarding how much software Windows versions can carry and they have figures to back that up which has pleased me.

I've applied the system to my fastest computer, a new AthlonXP/DDR RAM/UDMA133/48x Writer etc, in order to see just what is possible. Of course this system is already extremely fast, especially when running on my 300 mb operating system. (No questions about that please, thanks)

Pending some more feedback here's my overall setup, a bit like the Starship Enterprise and yes, I do have Celestia so can do a fair imitation!

One monitor, keyboard, mouse, controlling 3 computers with a CD ROM drive, DVD ROM drive, 2 CD Writers, 5 Hard Drives, Radeon 9700, Radeon All-in-Wonder, 11 operating systems, 21 USB ports (9 USB2), 2 printers, 3 modems, 5.1 sound system with a master switch making it available to all 3 computers and a place for a cup of tea. The Lindows (Linux) system cannot be accepted by HyperOS so I've switched the drives. A press of a push button during reboot chnges the drives from Windows to Linux.

Adding HyperOS to that lot adds a tad of confusion for the system as well as me, so in those immortal words, I'll be gone some time.

Meanwhile PC World now know where they can get some stock.

  Djohn 20:20 22 Jan 2003


  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:39 22 Jan 2003

I've been waiting for some real feedbqack on HyperOS for a while. Been thinking bout taking the plunge to and if the companies claims are true (booting times etc.) I'm especially interested in the "running windows entirely on RAM" idea (which requires at leats least 768MB ram i believe).

/me waits in anticipation.

  leo49 20:40 22 Jan 2003

Will await with interest reports from time and space!

Bon voyage!


  Rtus 21:28 22 Jan 2003

Ill send a pack of bikkies ..You forgot them.. And hes got the 2003 version of the tardis..LOL.. When you surface .. report back ..TA.

  Newuser38 22:25 22 Jan 2003

Brave man, and progressive as well of course. Wait the results with interest. Remind me please, did you try Connectix virtual PC?

  VoG™ 22:31 22 Jan 2003

I await the results with great interest.

I'll know where to come if I have hardware failure!!!

  flecc 22:51 22 Jan 2003

I haven't used virtual because it drains speed of course, needing system resources to substitute for hardware, and I'm definitely a speed freak as you see from the above.

The Hyperdrive isn't quite what it seems from the ads. I'm not at that stage yet, but basically hyperdrive can only run from a FAT16 partition and is limited to 732 mb actual but 1000 mb physical RAM. Hyper OS does the adjustment. XP can run much more but then the system couldn't support 9x as well.

It's already seeming to be unnecessary anyway. I've just backed up 98SE in 9 seconds, not exactly a hardship!

I've also managed to break the system twice already so you can be sure it will be thoroughly tested. I'm using it in conjunction with my own Drive Imaging and Boot Magic systems to give increased recovery options which has avoided disaster to date. HyperOS has some impressive recovery options anyway,so total disaster is much less likely than I once thought. As the ad says, it's doing what it says on the box most of the time and I've only found one bug so far, a greyed out option.

However, there was an alternative in the menus, a Command line entry using very simple syntax that would cause no-one any trouble.

So mainly positive at the moment, but it's early days yet. The main time consumer is the fact that each system must be installed to HyperOS, although they can be duplicated once in. Where that causes a problem for me is my tailored systems which I will have to creat from scratch, imaging them in is not an option, that's how I bust it!

  zanwalk 10:11 23 Jan 2003

Well done flecc, congratulations for volunteering to be the guinea pig! I shall follow this thread with interest.

  scouser 14:24 02 Feb 2003

I seem to have got myself in a real fix with HyperOs. I have split the drive and my original system XP Home Edition is on C drive, which is ok. (Still). On the new partition E I loaded Windows 98 then Windows 98 SE the finally Windows ME. However windows ME seems unable to find the Modem or the printer (Epson 895) or the scanner. This is probably because it cannot see the USB ports, which the printer and scanner operate from, via a hub. These work OK on XP still. I thought of uninstalling Windows ME and starting again but (horror) when trying to do so I am informed that the appropriate files have not been kept and I cannot uninstall! In Windows ME in Other Devices, there are question marks against Epson Stylus 895, PCI Communications, PCI Input Controller, SP 895 Storeage, USB scanner etc. How can I get out of this impasse?

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