HyperOs and Aol

  Diemmess 12:55 19 Apr 2003

HyperOs helpful help is closed until Tuesday and I'm impatient.

If anyone has tried to install HyperOs with Win98 as the only operating system and uses Aol then you are the one with the answers (I hope)...............................

The C: drive it seems should be as minimal as possible because it can be the base for as many "other computers" as wanted.

If Aol is not installed in C: but is included in another drive intended solely for Internet that is OK.

But in another drive with say word processing and also another to run in Hyperdrive, the email records seem to stay with the drive in which they were recorded.

Downloads are not a problem because I can choose the folder.

Is the only way to install Aol on C: and use that to copy for all "other computers" regardless of whether I need Aol there or not?.... I know I can uninstall Aol from any drive but that is a way to leave rubbish around.

  Diemmess 15:24 19 Apr 2003


  powerless 15:25 19 Apr 2003

Wait for Flecc if he is still around. He has HyperOS and maybe able to tell you.

  Diemmess 15:42 19 Apr 2003

I did have that thought myself!

Flecc is I'm sure around somewhere, but he has already been quite a lot of help, and even he is entitled to move away from his screen now and then..... So I posted this in open forum.

I'm not in serious trouble, just baffled as to the right way to go and anxious to save a lot of wasted effort.

  rowdy 17:00 19 Apr 2003

I have seen flecc's system recently and as I recall he installed a minimal W98 on the C drive along with HyperOS,D drive is created by HyperOS, He then did a fresh install of W98 on E drive and then copied it to all other drives. ( He of course used strewth/Speedos and W98 as appropiate )

He then only copied his ISP onto those drives he wished to have internet access, in his case on one of the copys for a Mail system and another for Internet browsing.

HyperOS makes backups of all the copy drives and flecc has a drive image of everything on a different HDD.

hope this helps


  Diemmess 17:24 19 Apr 2003

Thanks also to Rowdy......I have been messing about trying this and that..... I'm getting there in a plodding sort of way!

The main thing to be said so far - is thank goodness this system makes clones and copies so much faster than Ghost. It doesn't need the patience of a saint to try different ways, and find out just what can and cannot be done.

The main thing is that when it gets messy, you can scrap that one and go back a stage without feeling that life itself isn't long enough.

  rowdy 17:36 19 Apr 2003

If you try a search on flecc, then click on the envelope alongside his name to send him an email I am sure he would be only too pleased to help you and this may be the quickest way to contact him. I have his email address but do not feel that I should be giving it out without his permission.


  Diemmess 17:49 19 Apr 2003

You have it, so have I, because of previous correspondence...... Even so, I see how I go for the present.

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