Hyperlinks in MS Access 2002

  Leepaci 20:49 10 May 2005

Can anyone please tell me how to do the following:
I am trying to find a way to click on the text in a textbox (an email address) and make MS Outlook open with a new message window addressed to the email address in the textbox.

I have tried creating the text as a hyperlink but cannot seem to make the link open a new message window. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  Access Moron 23:14 10 May 2005

there may be an easier way,
but the only way i can think on doing this is by using access to actually control access

  Access Moron 23:14 10 May 2005


access to control outlook

  Access Moron 11:33 11 May 2005

This should open outlook new mail, with the address populated

on an event call the following function passing in the email address that you want to sent to

Function EmailThroughOutlook(strAddress As String)

Dim OutApp As Object 'Outlook Application

Dim OutMail As Object 'Outlook MailItem

Set OutApp = CreateObject("outlook.Application")

Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem("0")

With OutMail

.DeleteAfterSubmit = True
.OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested = False

.ReadReceiptRequested = False

.To = strAddress

' .Subject = Your Subject

' .Body = Your Message


End With

End Function

  Leepaci 20:39 13 May 2005

Thanks for that.
I tried adding that code under 'Private Sub Email_Click()' but got a compile error.

Expected End Sub was the error message and 'Private Sub Email_Click()' is highlighted in yellow in the visual basic code window.

Am I still doing something wrong with this?

  Access Moron 00:13 15 May 2005


Private Sub Email_Click()

EmailThroughOutlook "TheAddress.co.uk"

end sub

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