Hyperlink problem

  blake66 13:14 30 Oct 2007

I'm trying to set up a link to another website from mine using Frontpage 2003. I follow the instructions but when I use the Hyperlink icon to browse to the website I get the following message...'an error occurred while browsing files'?
My browser is 'Firefox' by the way.

Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance

  CodeMeister 20:50 30 Oct 2007

As you are using Frontpage 2003, I am assuming that you are trying to run your website on Windows and IIS, although you do not specify this.

If you are trying to run your website under IIS, then your files should be located within C:\inetpub\wwwroot\yoursitename and the folder should have the necessary permissions for browsing.

  blake66 21:53 30 Oct 2007

Thanks mate but what is 'IIS'?

  CodeMeister 22:14 30 Oct 2007

Hi blake66,

Can you explain briefly how your website is set up on your local machine, the file and directory structure and the URL that you are entering into the Firefox browser that generates the error message that you described ?

We should then be able to narrow it down.

  blake66 12:37 31 Oct 2007

A couple of days ago I had to d/load a copy of my website for editing (having lost the previous one). To be honest I can't recall if I d/loaded the 'root' or 'home' directory. Using this copy in trying to add a link as I say, I followed the instr to where I click on the 'web browser' icon for entering the web addr I wish go to but get this error msge which won't allow the browser to open.
Hope I'm making sense, not that tech minded with this I'm afraid.


  CodeMeister 12:51 31 Oct 2007

Hi blake66,

Assuming that you are trying to run this under Windows, you would normally add your site to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\yoursitename and then enter click here into your browser (i.e. Firefox) to run the website.

  blake66 13:15 31 Oct 2007

All I can recall CodeMeister with previous links is following the instructions and it worked ok. This time I don't get the chance to put any addr in because I get an error msge when trying to open the browser from the copy in FP. It's lost on me I'm afraid, never experienced it before. Thanks

  CodeMeister 17:26 31 Oct 2007

Hi blake66

Where abouts within the file structure on your computer are you trying to run your website ?

E.G. a folder located within your desktop or a folder located within C:\inetpub\wwwroot

Are they simple HTML files (e.g. myfile.html) that you are trying to run or something more complicated such as PHP files for instance ?

The more information that you can provide, including the exact error message, the more chance we have of helping you.

  blake66 21:00 31 Oct 2007

CM, the files (htm) were d/loaded to 'My Documents' folder and I open them in FrontPage 2003 to edit as I have always done. When I follow the instructions as I said, for creating a link to another website. Instead of the browser window coming up I get the message...'an error occurred while browsing files' This is from 'Microsoft Office Frontpage' itself? Does this help?

  CodeMeister 09:45 01 Nov 2007

Can you possibly locate the actual hyperlink tag that is causing the problem within the HTML source code and paste it into a posting on this forum so that we can see it ?

It should take the form of <a href="mypage.htm">text to click</a>

It may be that the hyperlink tag is corrupted or malformed in some way.

  blake66 11:45 01 Nov 2007

Will look into what you say CodeMeister and get back to you. Thanks

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