Hyperlink problem

  no-name 12:39 02 Sep 2004

When I click the 'click here' hyperlinks on this site it just 'hangs' until I click the stop icon, which obviously results in a blank page.

Is this just peculiar to me? or is it a general problem?

I've tried running Ad-aware, rebooting etc but no change.

  no-name 16:27 02 Sep 2004

Thanks crx1600 (and thanks for the shortcut hint - I wouldn't have known) but all DLLs and registry settings OK.

Am now trying the re-install route.

  no-name 17:11 02 Sep 2004

Whilst poking about trying to fix this I've noticed that in IE Tools>Internet Options>Advanced under:

Browsing - the first box is ticked, but there's no description

Multimedia - the first box is ticked, but again no description

Security - the first box is un-ticked, with no description

Could somebody enlighten me as to what these boxes refer, please.

  blanco 17:16 02 Sep 2004

I'm not sure that this will help but I had a problem a few months ago when some links would just not operate.
In my case I finally found that the culprit was an Ashampoo pop up blocker which clearly had some sort of glitch. Once I switched it off and just used the blocker on the Google search bar, I had no further trouble.

  no-name 19:36 02 Sep 2004

Thanks blanco but I don't have a pop-up stopper, but just in case I re-checked my firewall and AV settings.

Like you, some links work but others don't. eg I can't access this site via the link in the e-mail notification but within the site the 'Helproom' etc links work.

The re-install didn't work.

  no-name 10:37 03 Sep 2004

Two further observations:

1 - when the link fails with a 'hang' and I click 'stop' I then get a blank page with the address completed and if I click on 'go' the relevant page loads.

2 - on my bottom bar containing my open documents there is an IE icon described as 'about blank' but nothing happens when I click on it.

Any one any ideas?

  no-name 10:56 03 Sep 2004

From an 'about blank' search on this site I've found the ruairi2 thread so I'm now trying Kapersky.

  User-312386 11:40 03 Sep 2004

have you got SPXP2 installed?

If you have then allow this site for pop-ups

  no-name 14:23 03 Sep 2004

madboy33©® no ME.

I've just run Kaspersky - found two trojans, but the problem remains.

  no-name 11:47 17 Sep 2004

Another (new) observation.

I now get after clicking on a 'click here' a, roughly, 6"x4" IE window which captures the element of the page that it opens over - and if I move the window the captured printing moves with it.

This change has come about after using umpteen spy checkers, HijackThis and CWshredder.

The 'about blank' point d/d 3/9 10:37 above seems to relate to NTLworld when I use it as a 'home page' and is probably a red herring. I'm currently using PCA as a homepage and it's not there anymore.

  no-name 09:48 20 Sep 2004

The problem seems to relate to links that open in a new window - when the link replaces my current window there's no problem.

I've now run out of things to try - anyone any suggestions?

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