hyperlink in outlook express

  vinnyo123 02:36 21 Feb 2004

my turn for help lol

what is the trick to add a hyperlink to every email sent.I tried making a background stationary
through notepad,word but no luck.Even tried putting tags manually still no luck.I want to have it added everytime I send a e-mail without doing it manually everytime.I have done it once before but forgot.

Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 08:04 21 Feb 2004

Something to do with signatures as far as I know - see what options are listed for signatures.

  anchor 08:44 21 Feb 2004

Whilst I have not added a hyperlink in my personal signatures, I would imagine that its no different to adding any signature. Here are the instructions as given in Outlook Express:-

To add a signature to outgoing messages:

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Signatures tab.

To create a signature, click New and then either enter text in the Edit Signature box or click File, and then find the text or HTML file you'd like to use.

Select the Add signatures to all outgoing messages check box.

  vinnyo123 14:02 21 Feb 2004

Signatures come as just a text not hyperlink.
tried using micro word and notepad,but outlook would not accept it(as per stationar).

  Diodorus Siculus 14:16 21 Feb 2004

If you type in http:// etc, does it not turn into a hyperlink when viewed as html mail?

  vinnyo123 14:25 21 Feb 2004

Signatures no

tried html tags in notepad no good

word no good as html or text.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:34 21 Feb 2004

OK - I'll bow out... sorry I can't help.

Or maybe I can convert you to another mailer: Becky! from rimarts.co.jp is my favourit (US$40) or Calypso if it is still available free.

  anchor 17:15 21 Feb 2004

I have just tried making a new signature, with an active hyperlink, in both Outlook 2003, and Outlook Express 6, and it worked perfectly in both cases.

  vinnyo123 17:23 21 Feb 2004

I want it to work from OE not my documents(template).I want every mail created in OE via create mail or reply to mail to have this Hyperlink in it at bottom of mail.This way anyone on my LAN sending mail or replying via OE will have this Link in there.I don't want to tell evryone to send through template in my documents.I ned it to be in OE.Now maybe in your explanation you have this but I cannot get it to work I am still trying no luck

  GroupFC 17:34 21 Feb 2004

OK, I'm not very good at this but will this work -
Open a new message and put in the link you want and then go to file > save as > stationery give it a name and then apply that stationery when sending a new mail.

Or alternatively do you need to create a business card for yourself and then insert that in all outgoing messages.

I am just off to watch the rugby but I'll be back later and will have a play around to see what I can do (that is if nobody comes up with the solution before then)!

  vinnyo123 14:19 22 Feb 2004

never mind got it to work from word(htm page with link) to stationery.For some reason worked this time went through different procedure to put link in and worked.

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