hyperactive printer when switched on

  Number six 22:42 29 Aug 2012

Just bought a new Canon iP4950 printer. When first switched on, there follows about three minutes of whirrs, clicks, motors spinning, and other assorted noises, before the machine is ready to print. Is this normal behaviour or is there likely to be something wrong? Some kind of maintainance routine? My old HP machine would be ready to use in about 15 seconds.

  Peter 22:51 29 Aug 2012

Number six,

Could well be a head cleaning routine to prepare the printer for printing.

Some people leave their inkjet printers switched on all the time to reduce the occurrence of this cleaning activity as it can use quite a lot of ink.


  Woolwell 23:05 29 Aug 2012

3 minutes seems a bit long otherwise it sounds normal.

  Nontek 08:08 30 Aug 2012

I set-up a new Canon printer for a friend, it did take several minutes of whirring and clicking, so I guess this is normal for that printer. I always use Epson!

  spuds 10:55 30 Aug 2012

If the printer is switched off, then switched back on at a later time, it would seem to be going through a maintenance routine on start-up.

You could try any or all of the following: (1)Recheck the instruction manual for help. (2) Re-install the drivers, including updates (3) Contact Canon Support for advice.

Consider that if it is going through a ink cleaning process every time on start-up, then this is going to cost unnecessary expense?.

  Diemmess 11:59 30 Aug 2012

I think this goes with the Marque. By coincidence I bought a cheapo wireless Epson at about the time that a clueless friend bought a Canon. Mine behaved straight from the box, his made all sorts of busy noises but wouldn't actually print anything!

I managed to sort him out. It was the initial configuration, he had not selected back tray as the paper source.

Every time we struggled to have things up and running there was prolonged and furious activity.

I could have spent a long time with him, he still has drivers galore for his defunct Epson, but I know him of old, his span of enthusiasm doesn't last long and will only get me into deep water if I step outside my task.

I works but it does make a fuss. (Nice prints though)

  Number six 23:02 30 Aug 2012

So it would seem that the machine by default goes through a head cleaning process at every switch on. I have the latest driver and can find nothing in the manual about disabling this action, so just something I will have to live with, I guess. It certainly does produce excellent prints, however, so I am quite pleased with the results.

Maybe just a way for Canon to sell more ink - configure their machines to constantly cleanups and waste ink!

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