Hyper Thread Technology

  Julie99 09:56 11 Feb 2003

I am considering getting a new PC 3.06 mhz processor, Intel D850EMVR Mobo Radeon 9700 pro with 256mb ram Audigy 2 Platinum sound card and up to 1gig of PC1060 RDRam.

I have read many articles on Hyper Threading technology and my question is, What do you all think of this technology?? Does it work? Or is it a gimmick? Your comments would be valued.

Thank you in advance to all who respond

  tran1 10:05 11 Feb 2003

I read a review in PCA or some other magazine that hyper-threading technology actually slowed things down. The reason being, software needs to be designed to use it. At the moment, theres no software on the market that can use hyper-threading to the fullest.

I read that hyper-threading allows the PC to work like two. The technology makes the processor do twice as much calculations per second.

If this is gonna a PC that you are hoping to keep for a long time, then I would go for hyper-threading.

  davidg_richmond 10:12 11 Feb 2003

i read in a test that if you are to be doing a single task, especially playing games, then switch off hyperthreading as it slows them down (a small amount of processing time is allocated to HT management and is being wasted).

Probably those who will benefit most will be workers who need to run several apps at once like Norton, printing, Outlook, Word, Internet Explorer, Firewall etc which i'm sure is a regular thing for most office workers.

  Lozzy 10:24 11 Feb 2003

I equally have read many articles and I do not think it is a gimmick. Form your thread It would appear to me that you either play a lot of games or you do a lot of photo/video editing. If its within your budget go for it but I do not have 1st hand experience of this ne technology..

  bfoc 10:59 11 Feb 2003

From different articles I've read it does seem that HT can produce performance advantages and not just with specially written software.

If you make use of a lot of multi-tasking then whilst there may be a slight performance hit in the 'main' task the subsidiary task runs much faster.

Also if you aim to keep your machine for a reasonable time then the HT feature, just like the old MMX one, is something that more and more programs are likely to take advantage of.

In my experience buying the best specified machine you can afford at the time does make the machine last longer! My current machine has lasted 3 years and is only now showing it's age. In the past buying a 'slightly' cheaper system has seen them 'outdated' in 18 months! Actually that was when the MMX chip was introduced!

Of course it does depend on what you do with the machine!

  Simon_P 11:17 11 Feb 2003

It is a very new technology, consider the past replys, also the AMD XP Prosessers are quite a lot cheaper, but new technonogy will come down in price, and may offer a degree of future proofing.
So not needing to upgrade for some time may save money in the long run.

  AMD_MAN23 11:22 11 Feb 2003

I think there is a problem with that motherboard, for some reson when you enable hyper-threading in the bios the onboard sound does not work, this can be rectifired with a driver update, but as you are using an audigy 2 it shouldnt matter, i have played around with a similar spec pc as that and it does seem very fast, but there arent a massive amount of software that actually uses dual cpu's.

but it's worth it for the show off factor :)

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