hyper hyp-4m530 psu

hi, bought a cheap nasty noisy psu, which keeps next doors dogs awake, so can anyone tell if the above model is worth a try its £39.95 from novatech, just wondered if anyone had any experience of this model please?
thanks in advace adam

  Diodorus Siculus 07:42 11 Dec 2006

I don't have experience of that particular model, but I have two hyper PSUs which run virtually silently and perfectly stable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the brand.

thats all i needed to hear, thank you very much

now installed and very impressed quieter than the 300 watt hp one i had with pc, all double shielded modular cables pci sli ready, well worth the money, the moral of this story is dont spend £130 on a graphics card and buy a tenpound psu!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:41 12 Dec 2006

I agree with the moral you pointed out but it's amazing how many people penny pinch in strange ways...

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