Husbands computer disconnects me

  custard_pot 00:01 22 Sep 2007

We use Netgear 834V2 Router this is NOT WIRELESS, REPEAT NOT WIRELESS. If I am connected to internet and he loads his computer then it disconnects me from internet. The only thing is he DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO THE ROUTER FOR THIS TO HAPPEN.

We have disconnected the network lead out of his computer and from the router but as soon as he switches on his computer and it starts going into Windows XP then it disconnects me from internet.

It does not only do this with his computer we have tried it with an old computer which has Windows 98 on it and it does the same.

Any ideas anyone.

  brundle 00:11 22 Sep 2007

You mean your PC drops the net connection even if the other machine is not connected to the router by a cable? Sounds like power problems, or mains interference - ADSL or cable modem?

  custard_pot 00:34 22 Sep 2007

The computer is not connected to the router by a cable. Sorry cannot see how it is even a mains problem as we have even tried powering the computer from an inverter in the car. Ok the computer was still in the room but was not powered by the house electricity.

It is ADSL

  brundle 00:38 22 Sep 2007

Pick up a phone, dial a single digit for a silent line, power up the other PC, listen for line-noise. Check and replace any/all microfilters. Do the internet/adsl lights change on the router when it drops the connection? Does the router drop the connection itself, or does your PC stop working properly and drop the connection to the router?

  custard_pot 00:49 22 Sep 2007

The adsl light on router still shows connected but when I try to open a page on internet instead of flashing it stays solid. The only way I can then connect to internet is to first reset router and it can take hours to connect to internet. In fact today it would not connect until his computer was turned off.

My computer works on everything else, I can even use network and view and do anything I want to his computer when the cable is connected.

In fact now if he switches on his computer (even with no lead attached) it knocks me off internet as soon as he switches on.

  brundle 01:00 22 Sep 2007

DO you have a mains surge suppressor on your PC? How many other devices are plugged into the same socket? Does your PC do the same to his if you swap them over? I mean physically. I know you said you've tried it without being connected to the mains supply but the only answer is some kind of spike or interference interrupting your PC's operation. If your router still maintains the connection you can rule out phone line problems. As you've tried with another PC which also affects your machine in the same way, the problem appears to be with your PC itself.

  mgmcc 08:04 22 Sep 2007

What happens if you leave your computer off, connect your husband's PC and the old Windows 98 PC to the router and power both of them on? Do they both have simultaneous internet access?

If so, what then happens if you boot your computer *after* the others are already running?

  custard_pot 09:03 22 Sep 2007

We may possibly have found an answer, this has started happening since Tiscali did a upgrade to their to the system and also put my broadband connection up to 2Mg. The 2Mg is the maximum my bt line will take and apparentely with something I have read on another forum this could be the problem.

I am going to have to ask Tiscali to cut my speed down to less than 2Mg.

  custard_pot 10:47 22 Sep 2007

Did a conection status on router and when it disconnects under negotiation it says LCP Down then this changes to LCP Allowed to come up.

Phoned Tiscali and they cannot do anything until 26th of this month ........

  irishrapter 15:09 22 Sep 2007

The line speed should not have anything to do with the problem.

Check that all the computers do not have any old 56k dial up modems still connected to the phone line, or possibly an old ADSL internal card or USB modem that is still connected.

  custard_pot 21:48 22 Sep 2007

There are no other modems connected and no internal adsl internal cards as we have never had any or usb modems.

We have had problems since August when Tiscali did inhancements and recently they upgraded me from 1Mb to 2Mb and problems got a lot worse.

Mgmcc I tried tonight switching my computer off and loading up his computer (the old computer will not connect to the network) and it will not connect to internet.

The only way we can get on internet is to switch his computer off

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