Madboy 18:11 10 Apr 2004

This forum has served and helped me for the last 2 year, although ive not needed help everyday, when i did need it this is the first place i turn too. In 9/10 times you have all helped me, or tried your best. I cannot emphasise on how appreciated and honoured to be in such a pleasant, helpful environment. I would like to thank everybody from this forum for taking there free time in helping me, you all know who you are. I am truly grateful for the help you have all offered me. Especially in the last few hours when i needed the help mostly.

So i would just like to say THANK YOU EVERYBODY :)

  woodchip 18:18 10 Apr 2004

Nice to see some appreciation From you Madboy that's all we ask Woodchip

  Stowit 18:20 10 Apr 2004

Ditto, I'm glad there are people out there who seem to be both knowledgable & helpfull......& not on the end of a premium rate phone call. (This doesn't guarantee either of the above)

  ade.h 18:21 10 Apr 2004

I'll second that, Madboy! Everyone's contributions to this forum are much appreciated by me.

  Madboy 18:25 10 Apr 2004

And the fact that not everybody knows there Hardware and other problems as good as some is especially appreciated. You all seem to give responses in as plain english as possible, it is a true pleasure to be here. All i wish i could do is return the favour someday. I remember my first format last year, didnt know what to except, didnt prepare myself. It took me a week to realise i was trying to install my Modem via Printer port.

Right now, i want to take you all to the pub, least then i can be better than you all - at pool :)

Well, thats my 2 cents, whoop whoop. Cya later everybody, and a good day to you all :)

  Fred the flour grader 18:31 10 Apr 2004

yip he's right, the advice is spot on all the time.I have a look every two or three days, just to see what's being asked and if I can pitch in with anything. I usuallly can't but if I can help I will.
The only measure I would take in improving it from my point is a sort of workshop section. A lot of questions are based on installation and such, like "how do I put a new Graphics card in" and such. I know the Magazine often carries stuff like this but I think it would be a help to just have a click-to-here button for stuff like that. People could just look here and a step-by-step guide could be a major help.

  Madboy 19:37 10 Apr 2004

Perhaps an FAQ section should be made to the forum. If anybody would like to be interested, of course from the Moderators word GO we could all chip in different information to build a FAQ. This would save time, in which users can help other people, rather than discussing the same problems day in day out.

Cya friends...

  Forum Editor 20:19 10 Apr 2004

has been suggested many times, but I'm afraid it's not practical. The FAQs would need constant updating, and there would be dozens of them.

I think that the big advantage to having a forum like this is that individuals can get individual help. I know that we tend to see the same problems over and over again, but regular forum helpers don't find them difficult to resolve and there's always the search facility. Different members tend to specialise in different areas of computing, and I can make a pretty good guess at who I'll see responding to certain topics.

A workshop section? I don't know about that. There are hundreds of such tutorials available out there, and we have already got a lot of content on the site. If anyone needs to know how to install a graphics card they will get an answer very quickly, and again there's something good about a one-to-one (or ten-to-one) contact.

I'm not dismissing the idea out of hand, but I can think of other things which might take precedence in our priority list.

  powerless 20:36 10 Apr 2004

You mean you havn't finished with the site yet?

Noooo i like it as it is; Home like.

  Old Shep 20:47 10 Apr 2004

I think that apart from tying to help each other there is a lot of 'banter' between us and to change that would make it very inpersonal. We all enjoy it wether we throw in our tuppence worth or ask for help ourselves. But it is very nice for someone to show their appreciation cheers MADBOY.

  Fred the flour grader 21:03 10 Apr 2004

I think MADBOY is on the same track as me. I sometimes feel totally inadequate and probably ask a question that has been answered loads of times, don't get me wrong, ive delved about in my machine and added stuff and pulled it to bits a few times. With the help of the forum iv'e put it back together,it's a great thing this helproom and I would not want to see it change. It was just a thought I had that I thought would improve from the point of view of the guys who answer most of the questions, not us who ask all the time.
once again though for anybody who has helped me....thanks a lot....i am grateful.

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