huge graphics card problem

  dec0 20:12 08 Nov 2005

well first of all i have a radeon 9550 3.0 pentium 4 and 1gig of ram. i have this problem with my gfx card, i cant play any games. when i get on they will last for up to 1 second- 1 minute then crash and sometimes crash my computer. sometimes i get this error message-VGU recover has reset your graphics
accelerator as it is no longer responding to driver commands. Souns like a driver problem right? well ive installed all the new drivers off ati to no effect, installed windows drivers, tried re-installing all my gfx drivers and nothing has work. please, if anybody could help me in the slightest it would be greatly appreciated, im clueless. thanks in adavance.

  dec0 20:15 08 Nov 2005

oh, and recently i have been getting the same message when im not playing games, my computer would stop responding, then the screen would flicker and the error message would appear

  gudgulf 21:33 08 Nov 2005

Start by taking the side off the pc (with it switched on) and check that the fans on the graphics card and cpu are running.

Then with the pc switched off check for a build up of fluff and dust in the cpu heatsink/fan and graphics card fan area.

If these are clogged up or the fans not working then your system can overheat causing instability.

It's also worth checking that the graphics card is firmly seated in its slot and that all cables connected to the motherboard and hard drive etc are also fully seated in their sockets.

  dec0 21:38 08 Nov 2005

ive already checked. the cpu fan is fine but i dont think i have any fans on my gfx card, i checked before. thanks for your post and il have a closer look now, got my trusty phillips =)

  vinnyT 14:35 09 Nov 2005

What is the make and model of the gfx card?

It maybe that the cooling for the card is just a large heatsink (fanless), in which case the cooling of the whole case has to be adequate enough to disperse the heat away from the card.

Is the card overclocked? You'll if it is, you will have done it.

Also, newer games put the card under more stress, so they get hotter, and maybe your card, if it's fanless, cannot cope.

Hope this helps.

  interzone55 15:16 09 Nov 2005

This was a fairly common problem about 12 months ago, and is down to a corrupt ATI driver.

Your solution is to uninstall the ATI drivers, then install the lastest drivers from ATI click here.

You may also need to install the latest .Net framework, but you will be advised at the time of download if this is necessary.

  dec0 16:10 09 Nov 2005

right thanks for your comments. vinny its an ati radeon 9550 and i havent overclocked it. and it is capable of playing the games i play it high settings, and i have tried setting graphichs to low but to no effect. and alan14 i have already reinstalled all my drivers from ati countless times also to no effect, but il try doing what you suggested. il let you know if it works or not, and once again thanks for your comments.

  Jdoki 16:26 09 Nov 2005

Do you just install the new driver over the old, or uninstall first?

If you uninstall first do you run a cleanup program to remove any residual traces of driver?

If you do the uninstall+cleanup do you do the clean-up part in Safe Mode?

It could be, although you are uninstalling (or just plonking the new driver over the old) it is not removing the element which is causing problems.

Many PC enthusiasts (those who spend hours tweaking their settings to get a few more points from 3DMark05 - you know who you are - I was one of 'em once!) consider it heresy not to clean a system of all traces of driver before updating!

It does sound like a driver problem from your description, rather than an overheating issue (which was my first assumption). Is this a recent problem, has the car previously run fun in the past? Does there seem to be an pattern to the crashes?

Finally! When you get the error message is this a Windows error or a BSOD or a blank screen with 'DOS type text'.

  Jdoki 16:28 09 Nov 2005

...has the card previously run fine in the past? Does there seem to be a pattern to the crashes...

Apologies for grammar and typos!

Oh, for an edit button!

  BigMoFoT 16:29 09 Nov 2005

sure the error should say VPU recovery rather than VGU. It's a feature built into the ATI drivers, seems to me like it is a faulty driver or a faulty card! Follow the instructions on re-installing the driver if that fails it could be the card - can you borrow a card of someone for testing purposes?

  dec0 16:34 09 Nov 2005

yea sorry it does say vpu error my typings wrong. and i havent overclocked it. first the error message was a windows message. now its an ati message. sending the error report hasnt helped. there is a pattern of crashes, its when i play might just be the card, but i hope not. and i unistall the drivers first, and run a search for any ati software and unistall it all, then reinstall the drivers, and big mofot i cudnt borrow a card mate, none of my friends are as computer keen as me 8-)

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