HUGE email photos

  onokeck 16:53 24 Feb 2007

I use AOL and have never had any problems sending digital photos as attachments with my emails. Now suddenly my recipients are notifying me that my photos are being received in extremely large size. To check this I have sent myself a photo and WOW - when downloaded and opened the entire screen is filled with a small part of the face on the photo! I've changed nothing and am using the same camera, etc. I have always used. The photos are sent as jpeg and I use XP o/s with AOL Platinum Broadband. Can anyone help, please? Casey

  crosstrainer 16:58 24 Feb 2007

Assuming you have not changed any of your camera (would be worth checking) you can re-size your photos to a sensible size using photo editor, photoshop or any one of a number of pacakages. Photo editor is built into XP (which I assume is your OS?) open the picture and choose re-size from the edit menu.. then choose a sensible size for emailing 800x600 max I would thing, then save them as jpegs with a different file name to preserve your originals.

  Greengage 17:17 24 Feb 2007

or, if your photos are stored in My Pictures, open that folder, right click on a picture,Send to, Mail Recipient,and then tick Make all my pictures smaller.

  silverous 17:30 24 Feb 2007

casey - are the photos opening in different software to what they were before?

I've seen people have full size 5 megapixel JPEGS open in Internt Explorer without the feature to automatically resize switched on and you get a similar experience.

The odd thing is - I'm surprised the photo is any bigger when you open it as an attachment than when you first viewed it on your machine, unless of course it is in different software... I don't think the sending is the issue here.

It sounds like your photo workflow (how you get your photos from your camera to their ultimate location) has settings either changed or always this way. Could be quality/size setting on the camera, has that changed?. Do you use an editing program at all?

  villageidiot 19:09 24 Feb 2007

I have the same problem. Always taken photos with same camera on same pixel setting. They are stored in Olympus Master. All about 1MB size. They used to be sent, and received, just as attachments. Now they arrive as attachments, plus as huge pictures within the body of the e-mail. I have changed from dial-up to b/b, and from Win98SE to XP.

If they are going to be received in body of e-mail too, I would at least like them to be just full size. I don't want to reduce the file size from the 1MB.

  woodchip 19:29 24 Feb 2007

You should resize the photos before you send them. I make mine about 1.5Mb then save as jpeg that brings them down to about 100kb that's not bad for Attaching to mail

  Stuartli 19:56 24 Feb 2007

Try the Image Resizer Power Tool from the Microsoft website:

click here

  David4637 14:09 25 Feb 2007

If you are using OE, any attachment will end up at the end of the Text. ITS A FACT OF LIFE, can not be avoided. David

  David4637 14:10 25 Feb 2007

If you are using OE, any attachment will end up at the end of the Text. ITS A FACT OF LIFE, can not be avoided. David

  Kingfisher 14:25 25 Feb 2007

crosstrainer where is the photo editor built into xp that you mention I cant find it, hope I haven't hijacked the thread apologies if i have

  Wak 16:15 25 Feb 2007

If you reduce the JPG (JPEG) files to a reasonable size and then ZIP them, the attached pictures will not be added to the end of the text but you will obviously have to UNZIP them in order to view or use them.
Just a thought!!!

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