huch much hd can i store on 500GB

  1973scotty 18:54 24 Jan 2010

how many hours of tv can i store on a 500GB hardrive. dose anyone know how muxh space dose 1 hour of high def need.

  Technotiger 18:58 24 Jan 2010

At a very rough Guestimate - 1hr = 5Gbs.

  1973scotty 19:03 24 Jan 2010

cheers, mate.

  mooly 19:06 24 Jan 2010

Depends on quality... a single layer DVD holds 4.7gb and you probably know yourself how long that lasts at different quality settings in a DVD recorder... 4 hours in LP OK quality, 2hours at SP with good quality and 1 hour as TT mentions for excellent quality.

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