hub and router=?

  >steve< 16:47 14 May 2006

i know this sounds a bit thick but what is the diffrance between a router and a hub and a switch?

  mgmcc 17:06 14 May 2006

A hub is the most basic device for connecting two or more computers in a Local Area Network. Traffic sent from one computer to another goes to the hub which sends it to all networked computers and lets them sort out which packets belong to which computer.

A switch is more sophisticated in that it sorts the traffic so that each computer only receives packets intended for it.

A router is a device which connects to an ISP and "routes" the traffic to the appropriate computers in the Local Area Network. The router gets the single IP address allocated by the ISP and, in turn, allocates LAN IP addresses to the networked computers by DHCP. Although there are single port routers, they normally incorporate a 4-port network switch. Wireless routers additionally incorporate a Wireless Access Point.

  >steve< 17:19 14 May 2006

so if i connect my xbox to the router the router should allocate a ip adress to the xbox so i could ftp from its hard drive?or do i still have to do it manualy?

  mgmcc 21:16 14 May 2006

Although I wouldn't know an Xbox if I fell over it, if it behaves in a similar way to a computer (Windows/Linux/Mac) then, if its network adapter is set to get its IP address automatically by DHCP the router will allocate one.

  rodriguez 23:28 14 May 2006

You cannot FTP from an Xbox without it being modded. The OS that the Xbox is shipped with will not allow files from it's hard drive or DVD drive to be copied to a PC via FTP as a form of copy protection. I won't discuss it here though because it's illegal.

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