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  Josquius 10:52 07 Mar 2003

Is there a html or something to close a frame for when you no longer need it?
I mean to go with links to other pages and whatnot.

  HighTower 11:02 07 Mar 2003

Do you mean close a frame, a pop-up window, or close a web page?

There's loads of good HTML stuff in the help section of Tucows click here which will probably have the answer.

Hope this helps.

  Josquius 11:34 10 Mar 2003

To close a frame.
There is a main site which links to a few others including mine and I have a link back to this main site however as just a normal link it will open it as a frame though I want the frame closed.

  AndySD 11:40 10 Mar 2003
  cherria 11:53 10 Mar 2003

What is the actual HTML link in your site back to the main page. it should be something like

<a href="mainpage.htm" target="mainframe"><font face="Arial" size="2">click this link

  cherria 12:03 10 Mar 2003

If your link does look like that then I think all you need to do is remove the target ="xxx" clause and then the page will load in the whole windows rather than as a frame within a frame.

  Josquius 11:44 17 Mar 2003

No luck, I'm using front page and the link is also a graphic.
Is there an option on front page to do the same thing?
I couldn't find one before (which is why I turned to html)

  MAJ 13:43 17 Mar 2003

If I understand your question correctly, Josquius, you have an image and you want to use that image as a link to another page.

I don't use FP but the idea should be the same for most web packages. Insert your image then select it, usually there will be the option from the top toolbar to, Insert > Hyperlink, then point it to the page you want to link to.

In MTML it will look something like this:

<A HREF="page to go to.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="your linking image.jpg"></A>

Apologies if I've misunderstood your question, Josquius.

  MAJ 13:45 17 Mar 2003

"In MTML it will look something like this:"

should read:

In HTML it will look something like this:

  cherria 13:46 17 Mar 2003

Click on the image in Frontpage then click the html tab. Your cursor will then be in the part of the html that Frontpage has generated to represent the link from your image to the other page. Copy this out and paste it into this thread so we can see what the html is doing then we'll stand a better chance of understanding/helping.

  Josquius 14:23 19 Mar 2003

Bad wordiness from me.
It is a image link which I can do fine well however I wish for it to not link to a page in another frame like it does at the moment however to open a page without the frame on top.




link in frame to a single page by itself with the frame closed

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