HTML "Rules" ?

  Simsy 16:21 11 Jul 2007


I've messed around a bit with simple HTML in the past, and have used, with some success WebPlus9, from serif.

Though still very much a beginner, I've recently upgraded to version 10 and have come across an issue... however, before bringing it to the attention of serif I thought I'd ask here, because I wonder if I'm trying to do something that's outside HTML rules, hence it's reasonable for the programme not to allow it...

The problem,

I have a simple 1 page site, (That is deeper within my alloted webspace than the root), and I don't want the file name to be "index", but something more meaningful. (This is to help me wiht file management...

The title I have given it is "ManyIfs.html", but when I try to change this in WebPlus 10 from the default, "index.html" it looses the capitals and becomes "manyifs.html"

I suspect the answer is "No", but for strict www conformity are capital letters as file names not allowed? If the answer is "Yes" then this explains things... but I suspect not.

(I've overcome things be using ftp to go into the uploaded "site" and changing the file name locally.)
Thanks in anticipation,



  Seth Haniel 16:25 11 Jul 2007

is always defaulted to small case but any other pages can have a mixture of capitals and small case

  Simsy 16:35 11 Jul 2007

are you referring to what WebPlus 10 can do, or what the www "rules" are?




  Simsy 18:28 11 Jul 2007

the following from serif tech support;

Thank you for your email.

WebPlus 10 automatically removes uppercase letters from filenames. The
reason for this is to avoid confusion for inexperienced Web users.
Admittedly, this can be a hinderance to more experienced users like you.

I shall recommend to the developers that there should be an option to
either allow or disallow this.

Kind Regards,
Serif Technical Support


So there's my answer!

I'll close this now!



  HighTower 13:58 16 Jul 2007

They do this because Unix Servers are case sensitive, so if you made a link to ManyIfs.html and the actual page was called Manyifs.html (with a lower case 'i') then you would get a 404 error - that's if you are on Unix hosting. Unix thinks of them as two different pages.

This is the kind of confusion that Serif will be trying to avoid as there is potential here for extreme violence directed at your PC if you overlook it and the frustration builds :-)!

Keeping it all lower case removes this potential problem.

  Simsy 22:46 16 Jul 2007

I understand the thinking... but I was more frustrated becasue it took me a while to realise what was happening...

They were changing what I had put... something I had done deliberatly to keep other existing links working, (for this was a "rewite" of one page), was being changed by the software without the software telling/warning me. As a result I didn't, at first, notice it was being done, so it took me a while to get to the bottom of the problem I was having...

If it hadn't changed things, there would have been no problem. If It had warned me that it had changed things, I could have accomodated it earlier, and easier than I did.

Anyway... sorted now!



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