HTML Editors & Filters???

  King Diamond 14:22 16 May 2003

What is the difference between the two?

Can you give me any examples of each?

Thank you.

  Falkyrn 16:57 16 May 2003

at their most basic an editor is a program which allows you to edit/alter the source html in order to change or correct the way in which the page is displayed.Try click here for one example there are a considerable number. (even notepad on a basic PC can be used as an html editor)

Filters can be applied to remove or alter html specific points to display the page(s) in some other format .Try click here for examples of filters .... another is the filter within Dreamweaver for removing microsoft specific html tags.

  Taran 17:00 16 May 2003

An HTML Editor is a program that allows you to write HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) web page code, alter and save it to make web pages and sites.

At one end of the scale Notepad, that tiny simple text editor that ships with Windows can be used as an HTML editor as long as you know how to write the necessary code. If you don't know coding, you need what is known as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor like FrontPage, Dreamweaver and similar programs. These allow you to design your web page as you would lay out a Word document, without having to do any of the coding yourself.

It doesn't matter whether you are referring to a WYSIWYG editor or a simple text editor like Notepad or Arachnophilia (to name just a couple of alternatives) they may all be referred to as HTML editors because you can edit HTML code in them.

An HTML filter is normally a small program (often run as a tiny script file) that alters the HTML code of your pages in a desirable or favourable way. As an example, Microsoft Office can be used to create web pages (in Word, click File, Save As and select Web Page from the drop down list next to "Save as type:") but it uses some unusual code at times for certain page elements. This is to allow the files use as a web page as well as keeping it in a format that may be edited in the Office program you created it in. It is possible to run your Office created pages through a filter which will adjust the page source code and change it to comply to certain desirable specifications.

Microsoft actually have an add-on filter for Office 2000 web pages (created in Word or Excel) which will "clean" the source code. click here for more details on this.

For more information, go to Google click here and use the following two searches, including the quote marks;

"HTML editor"

"HTML filter"

The excellent W3 Org site has extensive details too, so you can try their main page click here or go straight to this link click here for information about HTML filters.

Hope this helps.



  King Diamond 17:42 16 May 2003

Magic...thank you.

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