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  Inigo 22:54 08 Apr 2003

Having gotten finally driven round the bend by Macromedia DreamWeaver MX's pathetic FTP handling, I'm looking for a new program to edit my site with. The problem is; all of the programs I can find boast that I don't need to know any coding to use them.

I know HTML fluently, and need to be able to write PHP code into pages manually. I don't want to use any WYSIWYG applications; I just want to be able to edit the text files on an FTP server easily. I'd prefer something which combined an FTP client and a text editor, possibly with some extra coding tools built in (the ability to save code snippets and insert them with the tap of my touchpad would be incredibly useful...)

Can anyone reccomend any programs to do this simple task before I get driven back to Dreamweaver's torture?

  tbh72 00:04 09 Apr 2003

click here

Try the above!!!

  MAJ 02:12 09 Apr 2003

Dreamweaver's ftp function has always been a little twitchy, Inigo. I agree with tbh72, use WSFTP to ftp instead. Dreamweaver is still the best around and it's a shame they haven't sorted the ftp function yet.

  Taran 03:48 09 Apr 2003

WS-FTP Pro has a built in text editor, otherwise known as Notepad. All it does is launch up your page code into Notepad for editing files direct from the web folder on your host server. Of course, you can change the default text editor for one of your choice - I use Arachnophilia instead of Notepad - which I'd advise you to do if only for the file size limitations Notepad has.

I should say you would be far better served using Dreamweaver to code your PHP, JSP, ASP etc pages and testing them on a localhost virtual server either using ISS, Apache or similar, and then you can upload the finished files to your live host account via whatever FTP option you prefer. You would obviously need PHP and MySQL installed locally and correctly configured, but once you get this small step sorted out it's simplicity itself from then on in.

That's the way I do it most of the time and I almost never run into problems. I find live editing a bit of a pain sometimes, although conversely, it can also be extremely handy in certain cases. It's certainly never held any appeal for me in terms of hard coding files direct from the host server in a text editor. That's the stuff of nightmares once you get the superb efficiency of Dreamweaver and similar programs mastered.

  Inigo 18:33 09 Apr 2003

I never got on well with WS_FTP; when I found SmartFTP, I immediately switched to that and haven't looked back. Was after something a bit more integrated than Notepad and FTP, though...

Editing files locally: yes, this's easy enough to do - I've set up Apache servers many times. The problem is I'm not the only person working on the site, so changes could get overridden if we did that. Plus, any database changes (and believe me, we make a lot of those!) would have to be done at least twice - on both the actual site and the mirror one(s)...

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