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  toofy 20:26 27 Feb 2007

My web hovered at about 50th on a 'Pickering B&B' search last year but disappeared altogether early 2007. Lots of tweaking, uploading changes has
caused it to appear 11th today!!! However the top line on Google looks silly as it includes the HTML info eg: u> b>PICKERING /b> ....
Please will someone look at the web &/or search Google for 'Pickering B&B' and advise how to correct this. Will changing/correcting this adversely affect the listing position? Many thanks.

  Eric10 22:02 27 Feb 2007

You have included formatting for underline and bold inside the <title> tag in the head of your page when only plain text is allowed. Removing this formatting shouldn't affect your listing position but your position is likely to be improved by including an <h1> heading tag right at the top of the body section.

  toofy 09:53 28 Feb 2007

Hi Eric 10. When I look at the title (in between <head>) in HTML the words PICKERING BED AND BREAKFAST are in capitals. I cannot find those words in capitals anywhere on any page of my website, which puzzles me. Also when I remove/delete all the <u><b> from the <title> line and switch to Preview (I use Frontpage) prior to uploading, my pictures have disappeared. Why is this? Thanks for helping.

  Eric10 10:56 28 Feb 2007

Anything that is in the <head> section does not appear on the webpage but is simply a set of instructions to the browser on aspects of how the page should be presented. Whatever is in the <title> tag is shown in the blue title bar at the very top of the browser.
When cleaned up your title tag should read something like:
<title>PICKERING BED AND BREAKFAST - North Yorkshire - Footsteps B&B</title>

The parts of your page that appear in the browser window are contained between the <body> and </body> tags of the page. When search engines determine the ranking of a page they put a lot of weight on what is in the <h1> and any subsequent <h2> or <h3> headings that they find so this is where your "PICKERING BED AND BREAKFAST" should be.

I don't know why your pictures should disappear because the <title> tag has nothing to do with your pictures.

  toofy 11:55 28 Feb 2007

Thanks Eric. I have cleaned up the <head> section on each page and uploaded to the web retaining the pictures. I have entered an h1 line on the main page; should I do it on each page? If so should it be identical?

  Eric10 12:23 28 Feb 2007

Each page should have an <h1> tag and it can be the same as the home page or it may be better if it relates to the content on each page.

  toofy 13:44 28 Feb 2007

Now that each page has an <h1> tag, am expecting to be on 1st page of Google in due course ha! ha! ha!
Thanks very much, your advice is greatly appreciated.

  toofy 15:34 10 Mar 2007

Following the cleaning up and insertion of <h1> tags I am dismayed to find that our webs position on Google has been hit badly. You will recall I was originally concerned that this might happen. Whereas it was 11th before the formatting was removed, I don't know where it is exactly now but it is certainly not in the 1st 250.
Any help to resolve this will be appreciated.

  Eric10 20:14 10 Mar 2007

If you search Google with keywords footofthenymoors+pickering it will pick you up but it is still showing the old HTML so you mustn't have been revisited yet. This isn't unusual as it has only been two weeks. Check out this guide on getting a good listing in Google click here

  toofy 10:10 11 Mar 2007

Thanks Eric10. Thought I had better report what happened when I clicked 'click here'. The google page you recommend appeared so I saved it to Desktop intending to look at it again later. A warning then popped up about .../Desktop/Firefox... being infected with a virus 'Worm/BV.AUG' (I have reversed the first 2 capitals in the name in case using its correct name can be damaging). My AVG has moved it into Virus Vault. I will now look to see what to do next but thought I should warn you first.

  Eric10 22:31 11 Mar 2007

Your trojan seems to be a Firefox or AVG problem click here

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