hs-ERR-pid4692661.log on desktop anyone know

  canard 00:00 17 May 2003

hs-ERR-pid4692661.log This appeared with a windows icon on my desktop, presumably while I was surfing. In Notepad it says "An unexpected exception has been detected in Native Code outside the VM.unexpected signal:EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at PC [no] FUNCTION=[UNKNOWN] LIBRARY ACCESS=[N/A] Does anyone know what this mystic announcement portends? I may add that I had not been surfing anywhere that either my mother or PCA would disapprove of.

  Terrahawk 00:22 17 May 2003

dont know if any of this may help
click here=

  Terrahawk 00:23 17 May 2003

ooops cancel that link do a google search on the error message throws up a few pages that might help good luck

  canard 00:40 17 May 2003

Thanks and off a-googling I will go.

  canard 00:51 17 May 2003

I've been a-googling and failed to understand a word of it. Am I right in thinking that it is not pc life threatening? Is there anything that should be done about whatever the matter be? Is not the wisdom of others something to be grateful for!

  Terrahawk 01:00 17 May 2003

have looked at some of the sites and all roads seem to be pointing to java i will have to pass this over to someone with more knowldge on java than myself
so a quick ^bump^ up the ladder may help
good luck sorry couldnt be any more help

  canard 20:38 17 May 2003

Thankyou Terrahawk for helping.
Ignorance is bliss and happiness mine with the assumption- quite possibly false- that this is some passing fad of my pc.Should it be terminal or otherwise dreadful I would be grateful to know what and how to deal with it from the PCA Illuminati.

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