HP5150 printer and coloured paper

  hatrickj 10:02 08 May 2009

I have been trying to print on A5 tellow paper and getting out of paper and jammed messages with the printer sometimes printing a minute or two later after I cancelled the print. On a friend's advice I have uninstalled and reinstalled printer.

As yet i am unable to see if that works, but have seen an article that red/yellow paper is not liked by the printer's sensors.

Have others had similar wzperience and are other makes likely to have similar problems?

  provider 2 12:56 08 May 2009

Several problems with quality and size of paper but none relating to colour (I think):

click here

  hatrickj 16:34 08 May 2009


Thanks anyway for the link, but the source of my comment came from HP Business section
click here

I actually was asking if other makes of printer may have similar difficulties with certain colurs, just in case the HP could be giving up the ghost gradually or quicker.

  provider 2 16:44 08 May 2009


Oh, right. That seems fairly definite.

I thought there might be something here, but haven`t looked carefully enough yet:

click here

  Graphicool1 16:50 08 May 2009

No problems with...
Epson Stylus Color 3000
Epson Photo Stylus Color 400
Epson Photo 915
Canon Pixma 160 or 170

  jack 18:15 08 May 2009

Have nothing to do with colour that's for sure
But paper surface finish may and the size accuracy may.

Especially with a HP machine with its bottom feed and convoluted paper track.
Make sure the paper is well Fanned[to make sure sheets are separated and well 'knocked up' and square to ensure the paper is feeding square- especially small sizes.

If you have cut to the paper to size from A4 stock
try printing the document 2 up and cut later or print and turn.

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