HP T550uk

  forexes 14:43 13 Aug 2004

Carafaraday, I missed all your postings, but am having similar problems. The machine has been back to HP who could find no problem with it. Fair enough, it worked OK for another week. Then it failed to start again, we noticed that there was no blue light on the cordless receiver unit. Tried an old set of corded mouse/keyboard and the unit fired up OK. Tried the cordless stuff agin, worked fine for a day or so. This kept happening for a week or so, called HP who sent out another remote keyboard/mouse/receiver unit. Then the computer failed, did the same thing, but failed to work with the corded mouse/keyboard. Called HP again, they told us to box it up. Did so, called this morning for a pick up time, was told that the machine would not be picked up as the problem was the monitor and it should be only an HP monitor with this machine. I told them I bought the machine without monitor as Comet were selling as such and never saw any notice that we required a dedicated HP monitor with it. I have actually tried a Sony CRT and a BENQ TFT on the HP with the same results, in fact my CRT works fine on the old computer I am using now.
SO now HP have referred me to Comet, who have referred me back to HP, who say they will call me.
Is my 620 quid wasted?

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