HP Simple Trax with Win XP?

  Rubroy 15:51 02 May 2003

I have used HP Simple Trax as a backup medium in Win98 for years. I recently bought a new PC from Evesham and (reluctantly)was saddled with Win XP. As with many other programmes, Win XP will not work with HP Simple Trax (part of the CD Writer Plus Suit which came with some HP printers).HP Simple Trax allowed me to backup all my hard disk and simply overwrote changed files quickly. I would like to use HP Simple Trax with my new PC but HP's IT Resource Centre is about the most unhelpful site I have come across. I really don't think they have any thought for users of'minor' software at all! Does any one out there know of (a) A 'patch' or update driver which will enable Simple Trax to be used with XP or (b) Another backup system which will allow me to overwrite changed files only on a backup disk(s) as would HP Simple Trax?

  Rubroy 15:24 08 May 2003

Notre to myself and anyone else interested. It needs an updated Driver available from HP.

  Rubroy 21:43 16 May 2003

I am still stuck. The 'upgrade' may or may not have been OK but what the supplier of the HP upgrade did not say is that it only related to HP CD Writer drives! I moved to an Evesham system with its own CD drives and a new Epson printer and the HP CD Writer plus software is no use. Anyone got any suggestions? I looked at the backup system for Win XP and then realised it is only applicable to Win XP professional and my deal was for XP Home. Its a great life isn't it. Everyone screams 'backup!' and then makes it as hard as possible. Sure, I can copy files and folders laboriously to a CDRW but I then have to back up each file I use to overwrite the old BU. There must be a better way!

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