HP Scanjet 4070

  underworldmagic 11:25 22 Nov 2006


ive been using a HP Scanjet for about 2 years now, only used it about 10 times though. Ive always unplugged the scanner when out of use.

I use the scanner one day, and then unplugged it. then the next day i went to plug it in, and the scanner simply wouldnt power up.

ive tried everything, plugged it in with computer off, when its on, and also when there are no cables plugged in, but nothing is getting the scanner to powerup?

any help please, the scanner is cimply new, just used 10 times in the past 2 years.

  Gongoozler 11:29 22 Nov 2006

I don't know this scanner, but recently I thought my scanner had failed but it was simply that the transit lock had got knocked into the lock position.

  Technotiger 11:32 22 Nov 2006

Hi, have you checked fuse in the plug?

  underworldmagic 11:34 22 Nov 2006

Thanks for your replies.

Im still trying to search for where the transit lock is on the scanner.

ive thought of the fuse, but its one of those big manufacturers plugs, which you cant open :-(

  Technotiger 11:38 22 Nov 2006

Fuse? can you try it with a different power cable?

  underworldmagic 11:41 22 Nov 2006

No, i dont have and another plug with the same voltage/ adaptor plug which goes into the scanner :-(

  Technotiger 11:44 22 Nov 2006

I am not familiar with this scanner, but on my Epson the transit lock is on the under-side front-right - a slider switch.

  Technotiger 11:46 22 Nov 2006

Anyway, it certainly looks to me as if it is a Power Supply problem.

  underworldmagic 11:57 22 Nov 2006

ive searched high and low, still cant find a transport lock on the scanner. I agree maybe a power supply problem (fuse etc) but i dont have another adaptor to test it on.

  Gongoozler 12:23 22 Nov 2006

I've just downloaded the manual and can't find any reference to a transit lock, so perhaps the HP 4070 doesn't have one. It's unlikely that that would cause the problem you've described anyway, but I thought it was worth a check anyway. It's not clear from the manual, but it looks like the HP 4070 uses a mains power adapter module. As the scanner is completely dead, there is a good possibility that this is faulty. My daughter recently blew a fuse in here scanner by using the wrong power adapter (it actually had the polarity the wrong way round). It is possible to buy a universal power module, but considering the low price of scanners this may not be economical. The only way to test the power adapter is with a test meter. These aren't expensive but you do need some degree of electrical skill to use one.

  underworldmagic 12:44 22 Nov 2006

thanks for your reply,

i dont remember unlocking the scanner when i purchased it, so maybe doesnt have one, i cant find any reference to it either.

i might try getting my hands on a universal adaptor, which allows you to change the voltage etc, and front modules to plug into the device.

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