HP Scan Jet Model C7670

  david4637 16:04 27 Dec 2003

I have been given the above can any one give me some info about it- is it any good. How old is it, there's a connecting lead which looks like a small USB and another which looks like a small LPT connector. Are they standard, or HP specific. Where can I get a driver/setup prog. Thanks for any info you have. David

  christmascracker 16:12 27 Dec 2003
  david4637 16:43 27 Dec 2003

Thanks christmascracker for your reply, can not seem to find Model c7670a on the HP site you gave, so how can I download the right drivers etc. On the scanner lid it refers to it as a Scanjet - ADF. Any one any ideas, have you got this model? Thanks David

  christmascracker 17:08 27 Dec 2003

The nearest one I can find to yours on the HP site is a 7490.

What is the exact model number?

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