hp scan

  el jimbo2 19:01 12 May 2008

How do I get my hp1205 psc to scan? ( yes, I have been to the hp website.)

  bremner 19:45 12 May 2008

Have you installed the HP Software or are you using another scanning software?

What O/S?

  el jimbo2 19:04 13 May 2008

win xp.

My drivers are upto date. Where is the scan button on the programme (which programme am I looking for?)

  sinbads 19:24 13 May 2008

not sure ;but do you have a hp director suite in your programs? i beleive you can scan and carry out other tasks within the suite.

  el jimbo2 16:20 14 May 2008

Yes, now I remember. Along time ago I used to use hp director. Can I get it from the hp site?

  sinbads 22:09 16 May 2008

should be on the installation disk that came with your printer, however software and driver can be downloaded click here this is for xp,

  el jimbo2 17:07 22 May 2008

Thanks guys, the director was there but under a different name so I didn't recgnise.

But when I press the scan button it comes up with device not connected; even though it is and printing fine.

Must be a hardware problem

  sinbads 18:16 22 May 2008

No its a Hp software problem, I had the 1205 nothing but trouble particulary the scan side.

I have since sent it to, hopefully a suitable land fill site, must admit my health has improved, i am no longer addicted to paracetamol and my hair is growing back.

I was continually uninstalling removing any traces of the 1205 and then reinstalling the software, then it would work for a while, only to have to repeat this over again if i wanted to use the scanner.

Hp didn,t/wouldn't solve this issue and seems from what you say still haven't. You have my sympathy, hope you find the cure.


  woodchip 23:44 22 May 2008

You need to reload Twain Drivers for the scanner

  woodchip 23:45 22 May 2008

You need to reload Twain Drivers for the scanner,

PS as it been disabled in MSCONFIG

  el jimbo2 00:14 23 May 2008

Interesting advice, I checked msconfig but couldn't find the twain driver.

Sinbads, your hair grew back? I could do with that.

Its good to heAR i'm not the only one sufferring.

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