HP Recovery(D)

  mitsme 05:10 21 Jun 2007

File System: NTFS
Free Space: 32.1 MB
Total Size 6.68 GB

Why so little free sapce? And why running on recovery?
This is only 3 months old.

Local Disk (C)
File System: NTFS
Free Space: 51.5 GB
Total Size 67.8 GB

What has happened here?. Win XP Pro SP2 with all up to date patches..!

Any ideas about putting this right greatly appreciated.


  wiz-king 05:25 21 Jun 2007

Recovery partitions only hold the programs and OS installed from new and enough free space for them to work. They are the equivalent of a Windows CD. My HP recovery is only 3.5GB

If you want a backup you will have to create another partition or use an external device.

  Graham. 07:48 21 Jun 2007

Don't confuse the Recovery partition with System Restore. The space used by the latter is on (C), and you can alter it. The default is 12%.

  Mac70 11:45 21 Jun 2007

And dont forget, HP provide a utility to create a one time Recovery DVD and CD. It's in All Programs and should be under PC Help & Tools.
So many people dont do this then have trouble when they cant access the Recovery Partition.

  mitsme 19:03 21 Jun 2007

I have made recovery disks. I just don't know why the space is so low on the D partition. I have noticed that when I turn it on it gives "emergency recovery (countdown)123" & then Windows starts normally. Am I running from D? Why is it running out of space?

  Mac70 19:19 21 Jun 2007

It does sound like you are running on the D partition, which could be something to do with the MBR.
I have a Compaq(HP) and again the D is 3.5gb.
Do you get an option screen at start up?

  mitsme 20:10 21 Jun 2007

No just the Emergency recovery message, windows then loads normally after I put in password. It runs fine overall, no other error messgages. I am showing my ignorance here, what's MBR?

  mitsme 20:11 21 Jun 2007

This is also a Compaq HP AMD Turion 64x2 laptop

  skidzy 20:18 21 Jun 2007

MBR = Master Boot Record

  Mac70 21:24 21 Jun 2007

If you go to Start>Run then type in msconfig and press OK, then click on the BOOT.ini tab. You will see a box with some text at the top.
Could you write down whats there so someone can look at it?
But, please, dont touch it!

  Mac70 21:30 21 Jun 2007

Have a look here too.

click here

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