blackpat 16:56 20 Apr 2004

Hi all, here's a real toughie. Two weeks ago, I purchased a HP PSC 1350 from PC World on line. When it arrived, I put in the installation disc and it just started and stopped (1%) It kept doing this, so I phoned HP support and they said it sounded as though the disc was corrupt and that they would send me a new one. Well I had the new one and it did the same, so I phoned HP support again. Well to cut a long story short I have spent about 10 hours with this guy and now he's given up and says that I should back up everything I want on my computer and then use the "Restore Disc" to put my computer back to original. This seems like a drastic step. The software for the HP PSC is installed, but the printer part is not. He says that something is stopping the printer part installation., But when I 1st contacted him, we had the printer part installed, because it printed out a test page. When I try to install the printer, I get the following. "There was a error writing to LPT1 for the printer HP 1350. the printer is not ready. Make sure its turned on and online, to continue printing, click retry. Windows will automatically retry after 5 seconds " ----- I dont understand why its going to LPT1, because I have only ever used USB. It must have been going to USB when it printed the test page. But so much stuff as been deleted and put on, I dont know where I am. You guys are my last hope. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp please.
Regards Blackpat
PS, the discs dont appear to be corrupt as I tried them on my Partners computer and they started to install ok.

  dazzling 17:06 20 Apr 2004

blackpat what o/s usb 1 or 2? have a look in start>settings>printers and faxes>if the printer is listed right click it select properties the go to the tab marked ports see if the one marked usb is ticked and what it says if you have xp.post back darren

  blackpat 05:40 21 Apr 2004

Hi Darren, I run windows 98 2nd edition. I did as you said and got to "HP PSC 1350 Properties" There is a blank comment box and a separator box with the word (none) in it. There is General and details, I clicked both of these but can't find any reference to USB's.

  dazzling 17:06 21 Apr 2004

this is worth a try if this is a new printer model win 98 se drivers may not be on the disk.go to click here here go to download drivers please note there are 3 model versions of your printer pick the correct one for win 98se and download it and try that one.it could also be that there is a bug in the origional driver thats on the cd which may now have been updated.also have you got all the microsoft updates on your copy of win98se that may be the problem as well.the last thing i can think of is doesyour motherboard have a via chipset these somtimes have problems with usb go to the motherboard manafacturers site and download and install any new usb drivers.if this doesnt work post back and well try again.darren

  TommyRed 17:19 21 Apr 2004

My mate had a similar problem on 98SE installing his HP PSC 1200. As it was I got a new system the next week and it came with a HP PSC 1200 as part of the package. Mine installed fine onto XP home, but I went to help install his found he was using the Mac installation instructions. Even when we used the correct instructions an error kept coming up during scanning (can't remember what it said) but we just clicked through it and got it to work. Maybe it's just doesn't like something on 98SE, cos' mine works fine. Check you're using the correct instructions but if you are I would also be grateful for any further help for my mate, so I'll monitor your thread. TR

  blackpat 05:21 24 Apr 2004

Firstly, about the installation disc, when I first tried to install my hp psc 1350 and it wouldn't work, I phoned HP support, and they said that the disc is most proberly corrupt, and that they would send me a new one. I waited about a week for it and then phoned them again, they said that they had sent it, but would send another just in case it got lost. So now I have 3 installation discs and none of them work.They also sent a critical update disc.All of the discs say windows 98 on them. I also have a mac. disc, which of course is of no use.I think you may have something when you say a bug in the driver, I spent hours with the hp support guy and we downloaded drivers and updated the microsoft updates. I managed to find usb 1 .

TOMMY. I managed to get it nearly all installed, when it came to configuration, it went to 96% and then stopped, I could use some things, the only trouble was that I kept crashing and had a load of trouble surfing, kept freezing ect and had to use ctrl, alt. delete. I have now uninstalled it and my puter is working fine. So I am back to square one. I am gratefull for all your help, regards, Blackpat.
PS. Your responses took a long time to get to my email. (saturday 24th.)

  feb 10:10 24 Apr 2004

According to the spec that printer needs a usb 2.0 connection

  blackpat 20:11 24 Apr 2004

How do I get a usb 2 Feb?

  feb 09:01 25 Apr 2004

You should be able to buy a card from most pc retail outlets. Hope it solves your problem.

  blackpat 07:25 26 Apr 2004

Thanks Feb, is there a way I can find out if I have usb 2?. If I have to get a usb card, will I be able to install it? bearing in mind, I am not that good with computers.
Thanks, blackpat

  feb 10:04 26 Apr 2004

If you right click my computer, left click properties>hardware>device manager and look for universal serial bus controllers click the plus sign to expand the list and if it mentions "Enhanced" then it is usb2. To fit, it should be fairly simple, open the case, find the usb card, remove it and replace the new one. Have a look at the PC's user guide for safety notes and internal layout to give yourself an idea of what to look for.

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