HP Printers won't print Arial Font...

  daba 23:54 30 Jun 2004

We have HP LaserJet 1300, and it won't print anything in Regular Arial font.

It'll do Bold, Italic, and other fonts but not regular.

This only happens with documents printed from W2K PCs, on the XP machines it's fine.

HPs K/B shows that lots of people have this problem with various models of HP printers, but there doesn't appear to be any conclusion on how it can be fixed.

Has anyone come across this problem and managed to resolve the issue ?


  Pesala 00:08 01 Jul 2004

Does the regular font simply not print at all, or does it come out in italics?

Another work around might be to print to PDF, then print from Adobe Reader.

  daba 10:29 03 Jul 2004

Yep, the regular font just doesn't print (or prints in 'white', but I can't tell, lol). We are making mountains of scrap paper.......

As it's a network printer, supporting multiple users the PDF solution isn't workable, I'll try the 'Print True-Type as Graphics" solution and post back.

I think the problem may have more to do with Windows drivers than the printer itself, as it's fine OK with WinXP, it's just the W2K machines that can't print Arial.

It really is a [email protected], as most web-sites use Arial, and is the default standard font for MS-Office apps.

I wondered if anyone else had this problem and now got it working, as there doesn't seem to be much in the way of possible solutions on the HP web-site.

  Pesala 10:50 03 Jul 2004
  Pesala 10:53 03 Jul 2004

probably not.

  Wak 13:59 03 Jul 2004

Just a shot in the dark but has the Ariel font been set to print in white as DEFAULT??
Can you check this out in User Preferences or Format properties???

  Wak 14:02 03 Jul 2004

Sorry, just re-read that it's a laserjet so I don't know what I'm talking about in this case.
My apologies for talking rubbish.

  daba 18:45 03 Jul 2004

....the reference to 'white' was, as you probably surmised, my bad attempt at humour.

  daba 00:25 26 Jul 2004

Since this is a Network Printer, I was stupidly thinking that setting Printer Properties on the local PC would migrate through, sort of like "my personal settings".

Doesn't work that way, the printer properties on the host PC (the one sharing the Printer) always overrides.

Setting 'All colours Black", and "Print True-Type as Graphics" on the host PC has fixed the problem.

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