HP printer software/Win7

  joe95 14:20 08 Mar 2011

I have recently upgraded to Win7 everything works fine but for my HP printer, it prints etc. but I am unable to view cartridge levels or do maintenance. The installation disc for the printer is only for Win. 2000 and XP and is rejected. I have tried HP support site to no avail, is there a work round other than buying a new printer.

  VLADTHEOGRE 14:37 08 Mar 2011

Hi Joe:

Unfortunately you don't tell us which HP printer it is, so it's not possible to give you an answer.
What Model Number is it?

So....Best bet is to go to the HP site,

click here

Look under the support tab for YOUR printer, to see if HP have issued an updated driver for Windows 7. Without that, I suspect that you are off for a new printer. You may find that the driver from Vista works (if there is one)....but no guarantees.

Like Vista, I would have thought that if there was a driver Win 7 would have installed it automatically for you when you plugged the printer in.

HP do provide extensive help, including updated drivers for many of their printers, but unfortunately printers come and go so quickly that often (usually) in my own experience, it's cheaper and certainly FAR less hassle to just go and get another printer.

  SparkyJack 15:02 08 Mar 2011

Really that all you need to know.
The pother peripheral bits and bobs are inevitably a fudge any way.
For example ink level
There is no way software can determine what ink usage is.
Is the out put mainly text or is it photo printing?
All the algorithm an do is to count the number of sheets passed through and give an average ink usage guess.
It can't weight the cartridges or test for volume.
So print short texts get loads of prints, print loads of photos and get many less.

  morddwyd 20:09 08 Mar 2011

"There is no way software can determine what ink usage is."

It doesn't.

The printer knows, from its own circuitry, how much ink is left in each cartridge.

The software simply passes this information back to the computer and displays it.

  joe95 22:55 08 Mar 2011

thanks for the replies, printer is deskjet 5940
works okay but no fancy software. I think I can live with that.
Thanks again.

  morddwyd 08:47 09 Mar 2011

HP 5940 Win 7 "fancy" software available for free download here

click here

You may have trouble uninstalling the existing software, this is notoriously difficult with HP.

If so come back.

  VLADTHEOGRE 09:27 09 Mar 2011

I have had a number of HP printers, but moved away from them and back to Epson.

I have to also say, and agree that HP software is notoriously time consuming to load, and overloaded with non-essential rubbish (The Customer Participation Program is one example coming in at a staggering 194Mb. That and their continual offers to sell, upgrade or offer you something else are way over the top.

Even using the custom installation doesn't get you out of their constant 'nags' to get attention.

All I want to do, when I get a printer.....is print. If I want the other advice, I'm quite capable of going to the HP website. HP take note.

  joe95 13:06 09 Mar 2011

thanks for your comments, nothing doing at HP morddwyd,will carry on as is.

  morddwyd 20:47 09 Mar 2011

When you say" nothing doing" how do you mean exactly?

When I click on the link I get downloads for the HP 5940 for 34 different operating systems.

Is yours not amongst them?

  robin_x 23:01 09 Mar 2011

A crummy workaround.
(Use a Virtual Machine with XP or Vista drivers.)
click here

I had to replace my Lexmark all-in-one when I upgraded to W7 after searching high and low for drivers.

My old modem was also no good.
AOL sent me a wireless modem router FOC so at least I didn't have to buy that as well.

  joe95 15:31 11 Mar 2011

Hi morddwyd nothing will download I have tried several times.

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