HP Printer PSC 2410 problem

  thumbscrew 13:09 23 Jul 2013

I've just replaced the black cartridge in my HP PSC 2410 printer. It then asked me to click ok on the printer to print an alignment page. I did this but it's just churning out blank pages....no alignment details on them. I've also got the printer on/off light blinking constantly. Can anyone help please?

  compumac 14:25 23 Jul 2013

Have you removed the sticky tab covering the breather in the cartridge?

  thumbscrew 16:01 23 Jul 2013

First thing I did.

  Woolwell 16:20 23 Jul 2013

Try reinstalling the cartridge.

  compumac 17:24 23 Jul 2013

If I have a problem with cartridges not printing I Print a page of Text in bold type to perhaps force the ink through. Many years ago when I filled mine or others ink cartridges, on the basis that they may have dried up I would force print as above.

  Ian in Northampton 17:36 23 Jul 2013

A couple of thoughts. Normally, when you install a new print cartridge, the printer will need to 'prime' it (I can't think what it's properly called) before it's ready for use. Did that happen? (The printer will make whirring noises for about 3 minutes). If it did happen, then you may still need to do some maintenance on the cartridge. It's a version of what compumac suggested, but slightly more elegant... :-) The printer will have a software routine you can access that cleans the cartridge. You should run this - more than once if necessary (although each successive time you run it, it will use more ink).

  compumac 17:39 23 Jul 2013

Of course it could be a duff cartridge, compatible or original?

  compumac 17:40 23 Jul 2013

If the cartridge you had just taken out has any ink left in it, just try with that cartridge to ensure that it is not the printer as opposed to the new cartridge.

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