HP Printer Problem

  blocker11 09:21 18 Nov 2008

I have 3 computer and a HP Laserjet printer connected through a wireless network.

When printing it takes forever for it to print. I printed a 4 page route planner off the internet and it took about 10 minutes to finish printing.

Any help would be appreciated.


  jack 09:29 18 Nov 2008

Simply transmission time through the wireless set up.
Is it possible I wonder to have a set up where by
one computer and printer is the 'print station' and the other computers simply transmit to the [main computer]print station.
Or is this what happens anyway.

  blocker11 09:37 18 Nov 2008

The printer is plugged directly into the wireless router.

So it would be quicker (possible) to plug the printer directly into the main PC?

How would i get the other machines to print?

  jack 17:13 18 Nov 2008

As I said/
Plug the printer into a Computer ans set up the printewr software on that computer.
You then have a 'printing station'
Use the other networked computer to transfer to the 'Print station.'

  Woolwell 19:38 18 Nov 2008

It may help if you give us the details of the hP Laserjet. I assume it is a network model.

I have a laser printer (not HP) connected directly to my modem/router and it doesn't matter who prints anywhere in the house and the print takes seconds. The advantage of having it connected to the router is that the main PC doesn't have to be on. I am sorry to have to disagree with jack but I don't think it is transmission time.
Also need to know more about the router and your OS's.

  blocker11 08:52 19 Nov 2008

Thanks for the replies.

The Printer is a HP 2420 Laserjet, which is connected straight into the Wirless Router (Netgear, not sure of model). The printer software is installed on the "main" PC (Windows XP Home) which has to be turned on for the other machines to printer.

I hope this helps!

  Woolwell 10:02 19 Nov 2008

I am not familiar with the 2420. Does it have a network card?

Have you looked under printer properties (probably advanced tab)and checked that spool printing and start printing immediately are checked?

  blocker11 10:18 19 Nov 2008

Sorry if this basic, but how would i know if it has a Network Card??

  Woolwell 10:26 19 Nov 2008

Sorry probably a stupid question.

How is it connected to the router - by ethernet cable?

I suspect that you have the 2420n or 2420dn model and not the basic 2420.

  blocker11 10:32 19 Nov 2008

yeah connected via ethernet cable.

Now thinking about it i'm sure it's the 2420n.

  Woolwell 10:39 19 Nov 2008

OK - then I am getting to the end of my knowledge apart from my previous suggestion under printer properties.

You could try with firewall temporarily off.

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