HP Printer has just died......

  geoff47 19:47 14 Jun 2011

I have an HP Photosmart B110 that has been working fine, then just out of the blue it has failed. How? I hear you ask. It will not turn on. I have checked the plug, the fuse, the extension lead. I have switched it off, disconnected it and re-started it, all with nothing happening, other than a momentary flash of a light on the control panel. The print queue says it is 'online' and printing jobs are shown there. I did Google the problem and basically the information is to do as I have done already.

Anybody have any other suggestions ?

  woodchip 20:17 14 Jun 2011

my guess is if its using a mains adapter, that the adapter may have stopped working.

  wee eddie 21:20 14 Jun 2011

If there is cable plugged into it, check that one of the prongs has not broken off. These will be inside the socket.

  geoff47 22:02 14 Jun 2011

Worse than that, I am humbled and ashamed. Let this be a cautionary tale for all out there that don't look at the simple things first. Now I think I know what happened, and it's so annoying as to be funny. Somebody (not I) had pulled the plug to recharge their mobile phone, then put it back later, unknown to me........obviously. So when I came to use the printer, that never ever gets turned off, and found it not functioning, I pressed a button on the control panel, then panicked and Googled when nothing happened. Then after pulling plugs and checking connectors etc. came here to ask the experts.

If I had turned on a decent light and bent below the desk top, I could have seen there are TWO (2) buttons, one for Wireless and another less visible one, the On Off button, which when pressed did its job perfectly.

Sorry everybody, I am truly a Numpty of epic proportions......go and help somebody with real problems.

  Migwell 09:30 15 Jun 2011

oops Egg on face! But you were big enough to come clean about it when you discovered what was wrong. To often people ask a question and get loads of help then discover what went wrong and fix it themselves and say no more, which could be of help to others. What you did was a valuable lesson to others in that you were open and truthfull about what happened. All credit yo you. Regards Migwell

  onthelimit1 10:06 15 Jun 2011

I learnt my lesson - called out to an old chap whose laptop had suddenly stopped working. Went to collect it, got it home, all fine. Took it back and was working but not charging. The extension lead into the next room had been unplugged by his cleaner. Laptop stopped when the battery ran out!

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