HP Photosmart c3180 printer/scanner

  Bribabby 20:38 17 Sep 2011

Can anyone help with my problem, I have the above machine and although there is paper correctly lined up in it, it persists in telling me there is no paper. I assume that somewhere on the paper feeder there must be a sensor to see the paper. Is this a common problem and can it be sorted by the average guy?. I have just bought and installed new ink cartridges and am loth to junk the machine which wouldn't you know it is out of guarantee!!!

  Woolwell 21:27 17 Sep 2011

Suggest that work through this starting with a hard reset Hp Support

  northumbria61 21:28 17 Sep 2011

Have a read through this - you may find the solution enter link description here

  spuds 23:05 17 Sep 2011

I have one of these printers, and when it started to go wrong I contacted HP support. They were very helpful in the beginning, but were unable to resolve the problems so I retired the item.

Would mention that HP suggested using a different firmware from their range of printers, they never explained why, but it seemed to work.

In the end it was cheaper to get a replacement printer with new warranty, than trying to spend time in attempting a final repair. If you have new cartridges, then perhaps look at a similar printer that will accommodate the cartridges!.

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