H.P. P.C. very slow

  nerawan 22:09 05 Mar 2007

i. Last week I was trying to help a friend with her Hewl Pack P.C. It,s nearly 4 years old and has a second partition holding the RECOVERY files. This partition is causing the P.C> to run very slow. It takes ages to open control panel, task manager, etc. I tried to open this files but it doen,t allow to do it. It,s the first time I have seen this kind of partition. (I have done it with P.Magic).

Any idea how to increase the size of this partition because it,s 3 gygas and has not any free space.

In the other hand the internet, works properly.Thanks

  Totally-braindead 22:13 05 Mar 2007

Are you sure its the extra partition thats causing it? Reason I ask is if when you're using the computer as normal its the C drive it uses so as long as there is space on C I don't see why it would slow things down.
I presume you have tried the normal things like defragging the C drive, cleaning up old files and folders and disabling startup items that are not needed?

  skidzy 22:25 05 Mar 2007

Agree with Totally-braindead,the recovery partition is normally hidden and with no access,unless something like F11 or recovery discs are used.
Nothing gets written to the recovery partition so should not grow in size,as this will reset the system to factory settings.

As suggested by Totally-braindead,time for a spring clean. click here and maybe more ram needs to be added.

  nerawan 22:26 05 Mar 2007

Yes .Because the task bar shows a message saying that drive is full. Click here to get some space. When doing that , it doesn,t open. That drive is full with not a single free megabyteygas .

In the other hand C drive has 20 gygas free.

  nerawan 22:29 05 Mar 2007

The P>C. has 256 Ram memory but mine has only 128 and works fine. Also task manager shows the P.C. usage is only about 7- 10 % usage.

And the internet works fine when opening diff. windows

  nerawan 22:33 05 Mar 2007

t..Can you give me some light about this Recovery partition?. It I want to reset pc. to the factory standard how to do it.

This case is new for me. I have done many times but with the windows c.d. This girl has not any idea if the p.c. came with a c.d. It,s a Hewlett Packard.

  skidzy 22:34 05 Mar 2007

This may help you to gain more space if you think the partition is being written to.... click here but i cannot see how unless another path has been allocated to save something like Acronis true image or Norton ghost.

  skidzy 22:37 05 Mar 2007

Try tapping F11 on startup,it may be another key for the recovery partition,if this is successful,you may be greeted with 3 options.

If you have the recovery cd,put the disc in the drive and reboot the system and follow the prompts.

You may have to set the bios to boot from cd first as opposed to the harddrive and floppy drive.

  nerawan 22:43 05 Mar 2007

I have used P. Magic in my P.C. and friends but as I said that is the first case I have seen. I don,t know how they made the partition , I don,t see any familiar program in her P.C. She has not any installation or recovery C.D. Is it possibly it just came with that RECOVERY partition?. If so , any idea how to work with it.

  skidzy 22:46 05 Mar 2007

yes it is possible and highly likely it came with this partition.

If no recovery disc,it will be something like F11 on startup.

Can you post the make and model number of the pc.

  skidzy 22:50 05 Mar 2007

Just had a look around,it may have been that when this pc was first purchased,it would have prompted the owner to make the recovery cd/dvd with a one off piece of software.
Now if this has not been done and the software still on the system,i would try now...though a lot has gone through the system in those 4 years.

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