HP PC crashing when any 3d graphics run

  aca 16:22 29 Oct 2012

I have just done clean install of XP Professional SP3 on an HP dc7700p small form factor pc. I was having problems with it crashing.

Still have same problem. Seems to be when any graphics are running this might be in browser, running dxdiag. Using the onboard intel graphics, and problem persists after updating with the latest driver

Have run heavyload stress test, no issues with CPU apparent or memory running this particular test. But as soon as GPU test starts to run it crashes and reboots.

not expecting it to run games but it wont run anything!


  northumbria61 15:49 30 Oct 2012

I can only suggest you try rolling back the driver or a system restore to a point just before the latest update.

  woodchip 15:56 30 Oct 2012

why not try lowering graphics settings, Right Click Desktop/Properties/Settings/Advanced/Troubleshoot/Graphics Acceleration Slider down a notch at a time

  aca 21:53 30 Oct 2012


Will try both suggestions and report back. Also tested ram with memtest last night and no errors reported.

  aca 09:03 31 Oct 2012

Right, can report back some "progress". On trying to start PC got beeps and no boot. Looking up codes this indicated "Pre-video memory error" - reseat RAM or indicates motherboard failure.

So reseated dimms and restarted - no beeps and fine, but then froze trying to run 3d draw test in dxgiag. So restarted and went into to chance acceleration as per your suggestion Woodchip. It froze when opening up window to do this...

Then went to BSOD - with message saying culprit is igxprd3

No windows update installed separately yet as when installed I downloaded SP3 from Microsoft not sure why none since. (it is a genuine XP pro version). So cant roll back/restore to prior driver/update

Your continued advice appreciated.

  Ashrich 11:07 31 Oct 2012

The error is related to the Intel graphics chip on the motherboard , as you have tried various drivers on a new XP install the likelihood is that it is hardware related ( possibly the chip failing ) however you could try a low power half height graphics card in the PCI-e graphics slot and bypass the inbuilt Intel chip . This would depend on the strength of the power supply , anything than a low power card might draw too much and blow the supply , so better with an older type of card . What wattage do you have ?

  northumbria61 12:28 31 Oct 2012

Ashrich - the manual here shows the wattage as 240w (page 41)


  northumbria61 12:33 31 Oct 2012

Ashrich - Page 19 gives details of size of card etc. that can be accommodated.

  aca 13:28 31 Oct 2012

Y (240) I was trying to use a half height x700 a while ago (which according to manual) should work as some dc7700s were shipped with this card. But it kept crashing. Will try it again and report back

  aca 18:03 31 Oct 2012

Sorry it was X1300 pro card

  aca 19:29 04 Nov 2012


Have installed x1300 and seems to run ok, done a few 3d tests and all ok


Went to start it earlier today, and getting the 5 beep on start up. Indicating a pre-video memory error. So thinking now it is the motherboard that is shot.


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