HP Pavillion dv6500

  5starred 15:22 16 Mar 2008

I wonder if anyone has this model laptop? Purchased it for my Dad and it says on the laptop it is a dv6000 but underneath and the information it states is dv6500.

The question I have is does this have a webcam, if so how do I access it, I have tried quickplay but there is no wecan icon, so I'm assuming it doesn't have one.

  MAJ 15:31 16 Mar 2008

Apparently they both come with an integrated webcam, 5starred. Check in Device Manager under "Imaging and devices" see if it is there. You can probably activate it using the Fn key and other key on the keyboard.

  Brian-318590 16:43 16 Mar 2008

its in the hp part of the settings under something like easy cam it should be under program files

  Quiet Life 17:41 16 Mar 2008

You should see the webcam above the screen.
See click here
for rundown.
HP start a series with say a 6000 and then have 6100, 6200 etc all within the 6000 series.

  5starred 19:49 16 Mar 2008

Thanks for the help everyone I will give them a try through the week when I see him.

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