HP Pavillion DV6000

  Blaise2006 13:55 19 Jun 2009


I have a the laptop listed in the title running XP media center that suddenly decided not to start up anymore. When I press the power button all the power lights come on and can hear the usual whirring of the processor/HD and it begins to boot. The HP logo appears but then the screen freezes and it then powers off. It then repeats this process until I switch it off using the power button.

The only way I can get it to boot is to hit F10 when the HP logo appears, enter the bios facility, perform primary disk check (quick and comprehensive- takes 65mins) then after that it starts up normally and works absolutely fine...until I turn it off and attempt to restart when it reverts back to the above.

This machine has been back to HP a few times to have the main board replaced- the HP site documents these machines are riddled with faults and offer a free repair although I think my machine is now out of warranty.

I'm tempted to just sell it for spares but given that the machine works perfectly once it's started should this not be a reasonably straight forward issue to remedy.

  Shark boy 14:47 19 Jun 2009

Can you use another computer to burn a disc for linux ubuntu?

Download it from live.ubuntu.com and then burn it to CD with a burner like CDBurnerXPPro.

Get the PC to boot from that.

Copy all your documents and files, then take it to a PC guy.

Good luck. I hope it works!!!

Shark Boy

  Shark boy 14:48 19 Jun 2009

Soz, posted wrong address

its click here

  Shark boy 14:53 19 Jun 2009

Oh and please note - it may not work

i hav never tried it

  Blaise2006 15:55 19 Jun 2009


Thanks for the advice. The laptop is used solely for online gaming so does not contain any important files/documents.

Sounds like you think its a problem with the operating system. I have reset the PC back to its factory state using HP system recovery but after turning the machine off and then on again it fails to start properly and I'm back to square one.

Do I need to completely delete the partition and reinstall a brand new operating system? Ubuntu is a non starter really- several freinds have reported incompatibilty probs with many gaming sites.

  FreeCell 16:15 19 Jun 2009

Sounds as though there is a problem with the hard disk integrity as bios needs to check it. Do you know what make it is? If so use the manufacturers web site and download the disk diagnostic (preferably as a DOS program, copy to CD and run it to check for and fix any errors.

If not sure of make of disk use Belarc to give you a system report click here

  Blaise2006 16:33 19 Jun 2009

It would be nice if it was simply a HD disk prob as these can be replaced cheaply. Incidently, I'm not 100% sure the bios needed to check the HD, it was just something I did randomly to break the endless loop of startup-freeze-power down-startup-freze-powerdown etc...The results of the primary HD check (quick and comprehensive)were both fine, no errors.

The computer started fine after the check and continues to function fine until the next time you try to start-up.

I'll check the HD make. Thanks for the help.

  FreeCell 16:51 19 Jun 2009

The symptoms you describe seem as though it's not getting as far as Windows, but one other thing is have you tried booting in Safe Mode? This avoids many of the driver problems that can cause boot failure. If it doesn't start in Safe Mode then looks more like a hardware issue and a disk problem (but that's my guess from afar)

  Blaise2006 17:26 19 Jun 2009

On the odd occasion the windows logo does appear on booting but then goes dim and freezes.

Tried booting in safe mode- I just get loads of writing/commands? come up (can't remember exactly what it said there was pages of it) then it freezes again, so it will not start in safe mode.

Hardware has always been the problem in the past-keeps frying main boards as the AMD processor burns like a hot coal. What hardware is involved only at start-up? as the machine is 100% OK once started.

  woodchip 17:27 19 Jun 2009

If you can get into windows Try running Disc Checker on the Drive, it sounds like a faulty boot sector on the drive. Only a new one will cure it if its damaged. if its corrupted Disc Checker should sort it

  phono 17:31 19 Jun 2009

"the HP site documents these machines are riddled with faults and offer a free repair although I think my machine is now out of warranty."

Why don't you contact HP anyway and see if they will repair the machine as a good will gesture, especially in light of the documented faults you mention in your initial post.

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