Hp Pavillion Battery Charge Poblem

  Mark McC 18:50 29 Jun 2006

i have had my laptop for under a year and the battery is not charging to 100% it stays at 85%and the battery light stays on while its plugged in could this be effected by the wear of the battery and is their any way i can find it out?


  Diodorus Siculus 19:41 29 Jun 2006

Try running the battery out fully a few times - that can help. Also don't use the laptop on the mains if the abbery is in - when on tha mains, take out the battery.

  Mark McC 20:46 29 Jun 2006

ok thanks

  Mark McC 11:31 30 Jun 2006

when i do this the battery charge is 44.56W then id gradually does down to 37.58W then at about 80% of charge in the battery it drops to 1.25W and takes ages to go up 1%

what should i do get a new battery through my 5 year warranty can you do that with the dixions warrantys or through the HP standard 1 year??

Please Help


  Mark McC 11:35 30 Jun 2006

is their any programs that drain the battery qiuckly

  Diodorus Siculus 11:42 30 Jun 2006

Batteries are generally excluded from warranties - or at most have a 6 month warranty.

How long will the PC last when running on battery? I found with one of my laptops that even though not fully charged, it will still give a couple of hours of light usage.

  Mark McC 12:44 30 Jun 2006

it used to give 1.30 HRS when i got it now its 1.06Hrs thats light usage i think its because of my CPU

Its a P4HT 3.40GHZ but that shouldent be the cause of my battery going to 85% charge is it??

How much is it for a HP Pavillion ZD8290EA Battery??


  Diodorus Siculus 12:54 30 Jun 2006

[quote]How much is it for a HP Pavillion ZD8290EA Battery??[/quote]

HP Pavilion ZD8000
click here

About £100 here. Just check that it is the correct one.

  Mark McC 13:00 30 Jun 2006

Thanks Diodorus Siculus i am going to buy one of them thats the exact one i remember someone saying that you can get a High Density battery's but will that make any difference to the time that i could use it.

Thnanks thats helped alot Diodorus Siculus.

Mark McC

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