HP Pavilion refusal to start.

  Bottiman 16:55 18 Apr 2008

Computer refuses to start although monitor light is on and message asks if monitor is connected.
Pressing the "on" button achieves nothing and there are no other signs of life such as fan noise etc..
Occasionally it can be made to start by waiting a long time and then switching off at the plug, switching on again immediately and gently pressing the "on" button. This only works very occasionally. Once the computer has been brought back to life it stays on indefinitely but there is no guarantee that it can be started again.

  Gongoozler 17:10 18 Apr 2008

Most likely this is a faulty PSU, however it's very difficult to differentiate between the likely culprits other than by substitution. You can try unplugging everything from the motherboard except the PSU with heatsink, the case speaker and the power switch to see if you get any signs of life. The PSU is the easiest thing to try first. If you can borrow an ATX PSU of the same or greater power rating, try that and see what happens. You can buy a PSU tester, but it would cost about the same amount as a cheap PSU. E.g. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 18 Apr 2008

Certainly sounds likely to be the PSU as heaviest load is on start.

  woodchip 17:16 18 Apr 2008

I will go with it needs a new PSU

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