HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC Recovery

  mcheathen 19:10 19 Apr 2012

This HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC wont boot up due to a system failure. F11 key is supposed to let me into system recovery, yet it asks for a boot disk to be inserted.

I was under the impression that there is supposed to be a partition on the HD with an image for recovery.

What am I doing wrong?

Does this machine actually require an external recovery CDROM disk? if so then were can I get one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 19 Apr 2012

You need to look at Windows Repair Your Computer options.

  • Startup repair - This automatically fixes problems that are preventing Windows from starting
  • System Restore - This will Restore Windows to an earlier point in time
  • Windows Complete PC Restore - This will completely restore your entire PC - programs, system settings and files - from a back up that you have previously created (Available in Windows Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions only)
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool - This checks your computer's memory hardware for errors
  • Command Prompt - This opens a Command Window

With the Complete PC Restore Option you must have made a backup of your system, either on your hard drive or on a set of DVDs, in order to use this option. If you don't have a backup then don't use this option

How you access the repair options will depend upon whether you have a Windows installation disk or whether your operating system came pre-installed by your PC manufacturer.

Pre-Installed Options NOTE

If no repair options are available your PC manufacturer may have replaced the tools or customised them. Check your Computer Manual before proceeding.

1/ Start your PC

2/ If your PC has one operating system Press and Hold the F8 key as your PC starts. If the Windows Logo appear you will need to start again

3/ If you have a dual boot system a Boot option menu will appear. Highlight the Windows operating system and Press the F8 key

4/ In both cases, if all has gone well, an Advanced options screen will now appear

5/ Highlight the repair Your Computer option and Press Enter

6/ Select a keyboard layout, and then Click the Next button

7/ Next select your user Name and Enter your Password, then Click OK

8/ The recovery options should now appear

Windows Installation Disk NOTE

1/ make sure your PC can boot directly from the Windows DVD. Obviously, most modern PCs can. With older machines you may need to check the PC's BIOS

2/ Start the PC

3/ Immediately insert the Windows DVD into the DVD drive

4/ A Black screen will appear with the words 'Press any key to boot from CD or DVD'

5/ Press Any key to start the booting process

6/ A new screen will now appear with a progress bar. The legend say's 'Windows is loading files'

7/ After a few minutes the Microsoft copyright window ill appear and another small progress bar will be visible

8/ You will next see a Blue curtained screen

9/ After a short while the Language option screen will appear

10/ Select your language and keyboard language and the Click the Next button

11/ At the bottom left of the next screen - the Install screen, Click on the Repair Your Computer option

12/ The System recovery options will now search for your Windows installation

13/ Once the Windows installation has been located, Highlight it and then Click the Next button

14/ You are now presented with the set of recovery options

15/ Click on the Option you require and follow the onscreen prompts

  mcheathen 19:59 19 Apr 2012

Pressing F8 at start up only causes a high pitched whine.

Sorry I should have sdaid that there is a SMART Hard Disk Error when I switch on when the F2 key is pressed for system diagnostics and the tests done on system memory and hard disk I get the OK, but it still wont start and I keep getting this same SMART Hard Disk Error and when F11 recovery key is pressed I keep getting the following message: 'No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key'.

  Shuffty 21:13 19 Apr 2012

My G6 notebook hard disk is 3 partitions,Local Disc (C) Recovery (D) (C) Hp_tools (E)

you have to make your own recovery discs and you can only make one set ,Go here


and download the manuals for you model and you will find all the info in them Here is the instructions in the manual bere in mind it will restore to factory settings

To restore the computer from the recovery partition, follow these steps: 1. Access HP Recovery Manager in either of the following ways: ? Select Start > All Programs > Security and Protection > HP Recovery Manager > HP Recovery Manager. – or – ? Turn on or restart the computer, and then press esc while the “Press the ESC key for Startup Menu” message is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then, press f11 while the “F11 (System Recovery)” message is displayed on the screen. 2. Click System Recovery in the HP Recovery Manager window. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  mcheathen 01:28 20 Apr 2012

Thanks for that Shuffty. The problem is however that I can't gain access to the 'Start > All Programs > HP > HP Recovery Manager > HP Recovery Manager' routine because the machine wont boot up. This backup should have been done when the machine was working.

Its a Catch22 situtation.

When I press Esc and F11 a message appears on screen asking for a boot disk. So this particular model surely doesn't have a recovery partition.

Is there anywhere that sells the start up disks for this machine?

  birdface 08:37 20 Apr 2012

If tapping F8 at start up does not work try tapping F5 instead.

  Shuffty 08:57 20 Apr 2012

The message you see is an indication of hard disc faults if you can access the bios try this

Running the SMART Media Test Hard drives have a built in technology that reports to the system if a possible hard drive failure is occurring. In the event of a failing hard drive it is recommended that all the personal data on the system be backed up onto another storage device. After the test completes, be sure to restart the computer to determine if the test repaired any problems you are experiencing with your computer. Use the following steps to resolve the error message:

If the computer is running, shut it down.
Press the power button to turn on the computer.
Press f10 when the HP/Compaq logo displays.
Use the arrow keys to select the Diagnostic menu.
Select HDD Self-Test Options , and then press Enter .
Select the Notebook Hard Drive option, and then press f10 to display an Estimated test time .
Press f10 to continue. The Hard Drive Self Test executes the SMART test, along with a Quick test and a Comprehensive test.

If the tests pass successfully, the hard drives are not damaged. If any test fails, contact HP for instructions on how to order a replacement hard drive.

you can purchase recovery media here https://www.best2serve.com/page/rcdlanding?redirectproduct_id=141217

  birdface 08:59 20 Apr 2012

You could change the boot order so that it starts with CD and then borrow the proper windows CD for your Notebook and do a repair.

If you say what operating system that you are using and if SP1 etc you can actually download the CD from the internet.

I am sure someone will be able to give you all the information on how to do that.

Now got this from another forum member about 10 days ago and it worked fine for me Using a DVD. http://techdows.com/2011/07/download-windows-7-integrated-with-sp1-iso-official-direct-download-links.html

He also posted this link for using a flash drive.http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/install-windows-7-from-usb-drive-requires-2-simple-steps/

I downloaded from my computer and just pressed run without saving.When it had finished I got a pop up asking if I wanted to burn it to CD and I just agreed and it done the rest.

Worked fine on my Grandaughters Notebook Now that is for W/7 SP1 not sure which system you have.

  robin_x 13:30 20 Apr 2012

SMART errors are not always a definite indication of a dead drive. But certainly indicate something on it's way out. It may last a while or enough for the moment. Assuming it's not dead yet:

You can see and explore your partitions if you boot from Partition Wizard Bootable CD Burn on another machine. Right click a partition for options.

Worst case, Modify/Set Active the Recovery Partition for Factory Restore. But first try all the following (and any other suggestions).

If you have W7, I would burn the Windows 7 DVD (linked previously above). Try its Repair Options.

If Partition Wizard showed all Unallocated, click Disk 1 and try Partition Recovery Wizard.

If the W7 disk Repair options didn't work, try Partition Wizard Update MBR Function.

If you do get it to boot into Windows, Speedfan has a breakdown of SMART conditions when you select the disk on the Tab then dropdown box.

  mcheathen 18:15 20 Apr 2012

Thanks for all the links and advice. I did the disk and memory tests and its OK. I never understood why the SMART disk error message appeared on the first place if nothing was wrong.

Robinofloxley may have explained it - But certainly indicate something on it's way out. It may last a while or enough for the moment. -

it is still under warrentry for a few more weeks so I'll tell the owner to return it to the shop, if she still has the receipt.

  mcheathen 21:25 20 Apr 2012

I've just found out that this machine runs on Windows 7 Server. So the bootable CD for the partition wizard wont work. It is only available for the Home edition.

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