H.P Pavilion 9000 MB failure ?

  Furkin 11:38 05 Feb 2014

Hi Guys,

HP Pavilion 9000 series

I bought this off my old neighbour a couple of years ago, & installed 2 new hdd’s & 2 new Crucial memories in.

It doesn’t get used a great deal, but I needed to show a colleague something & took it to his home. When it booted up, I got 4 copies of the desktop,,,, one on top of the other,,,,, right across the screen. These copies are squashed into about 4” deep. (see: URL=[click">http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj56/freddy9906/4screens_zpsda41cb66.jpg[/IMG][/URL]">URL=[click here )

The following day, I was charging the battery & booted it up. It started ok this time, and I foolishly assumed it had something to do with the low battery power. I left it for a while, but a couple of weeks ago, I booted it up again – with the same 4 screens.

I did a factory re-set – to no avail. I left it with a friend, who has completely removed everything, & tried a fresh win-7 install. Once in a while, it might boot up properly, but not often.

Now that I’ve looked into it, it seems to be a common fault with this M.Board (video chip etc), that H.P are well aware of.

The machine is in great condition, with new parts as above.

1) Does anyone have basic advice on my problem ? Does it seem like the common fault, or do you have other experiences ?

2) Is the machine worth fixing ? If the fault is inbuilt, I assume a replacement MB would also be suspect.

3) Although I’m disabled, I might be able to do the hardware replacement. I tend to do my own desktop work, but never worked inside a laptop. If I go down this route, where is the best place to get a MB ?

4) Failing that: does anyone on this fine forum carry out this repair ? I’m in West Cornwall, and although disabled would be able to drive a certain distance.

Cheers all

  Furkin 11:43 05 Feb 2014

oooops,,,, try this:

[IMG][click here]1

  Furkin 11:43 05 Feb 2014

oooops,,,, try this 2:

[IMG][click here]1

  Furkin 11:45 05 Feb 2014

Christ,,, I can't even get photobucket to work !

  onthelimit1 12:17 05 Feb 2014

I've looked at a couple of this series of Pavilion. In each case I got nothing on the screen at all when the video chip had gone, but yours still sounds like mobo. The cost of a new mobo made replacement uneconomical.

  Furkin 13:02 05 Feb 2014

OTL1: Thanks for your advice. Does the mb have a part number ? If all else fails, I might have a bash at putting one in when I have the time & the cash. It already has the new parts as in the op.

I have dropped a line to HP, but I don't expect any help, after all, I wasn't allowed a replacement battery when that debacle popped up its head. HP said they'd replace them,,,, but not for me.

Try this for p.bucket: click here

  onthelimit1 17:13 05 Feb 2014

When I looked into this, it seemed it was a common problem which HP eventually admitted to, and replaced mobos free for a year. Since then, no go. Not sure if you'll still be able to source a new one, but try Google.

Your picture does suggest the Nvidia chip has gone, but to make sure, connect to an external monitor to bypass the screen and ribbon cable.

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