HP or Toshiba?

  hawthorn59 04:13 25 Oct 2006

Hi Folks!

Im in the lucky position of buying a new Laptop in the nesxt week or so, and its either HP or Toshiba. If anyone has an opinion on those two Id be glad of it.

Also how much to spend, what model etc. Most seem to have 1gig ram standard now, 15.4 screen, and some even have core suo (?) chip. Where should I spend my money, the extra ram or the newer processor?
Heres the few Im thinking of...

HP DV 6115, Turon 64MK3G, 1Gig ram, 100G HD, Media Centre, 15.4 screen €899

HP DV 6152, Turon 64 x2 TL52, 1Gig ram, 120G HD, Media Centre 15.4 screen €1189

HP DV 6190, Turon 64 x 2 TL56, 2Gig ram, 120G HD, Media Centre, 15.4 screen €899

TOSHIBA A-100-179 Intel Centrino Core Duo T5200, 2gig ram, 100g HD, 15.4 screen €1159

TOSHIBA P-100-429 Intel Centrino Core Duo T5500, 1Gig Ram, 100g HD, 17" Screen, €1349

So obviously the 17" screen is good, but 1 gig ram instead of 2.

Also I think the Toshiba is a little lighter than the HP

What's a man to do.....!? Opinions appreciated.


  laurie53 10:50 25 Oct 2006

I have an older HP, dv 5052 EA which is very good, particularly with my wifi. I find I am using it more than my desktop.

Can't speak for Tosh, tho' I had a Tosh e400 pda which was also very good, till I dropped it downstairs! (it still works,believe it or not, but the case is all popped to hell)


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