HP or ecomputer

  canard 17:32 01 Apr 2003

Given the choice of identical specs which would the experts recommend for teenagers?

  Djohn 17:57 01 Apr 2003

If "identical specs" then, either! :o)

  canard 18:14 01 Apr 2003

Thanks Djohn.

  eccomputers 21:59 01 Apr 2003

It depends on what you mean by specs?
If you are saying they are both P4 XXXmhz and 256mb ram etc then that isnt enough to go on. One could have a cheap and nasty problem motherboard for example.
Too many machines like this are being sold for my liking and users wonder why they get lots of problems.

  woodchip 22:06 01 Apr 2003

I would build them a cheap comp. Not buy with a board like this not ungradable but at that price who cares it's a 1Gb cpu modem graphics and sound nearly built click here

  mad2477 22:14 01 Apr 2003

buy one from a respectable manufacturer, which has been known for sturdy platforms with good support.

Being a teenager, i have a work laptop and a gaming computer, i'd buy an average comp, then double the ram and put on a beastly graphics. Don't game too much mind!

  canard 23:14 01 Apr 2003

Thankyou all for your advice.

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